OMG I made it through the first semester! OMG I made it through the first semester! | allnurses

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OMG I made it through the first semester!

  1. 1 I passed my first semester of nursing school with exactly the amount of points i needed. Anyone else make it through just barely?
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    Yes! There were 2 classes that I got through by the skin of my teeth. Great job, and good luck in the next semester!
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    Congratulations! All of your hard work has paid off! I wish you the best of luck with the remaining semesters ahead of you and luck with all of your future nursing endeavors! Keep it up!

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    my 1st semster consisted of one class and I was terrified up until the final but not about the class, about the clinical especially since it was in a nursing home... I giggled alot during skills lab because of my instructor and thought that it would carry over to my clinical site and I would fail for sure... I was terrified for real... To my surprise I did really well and I am so proud of myself.... I am also proud of everyone that made it through their 1st official nursing school semester.
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    Good Job !! Keep it up!
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    Keep going!!! I had one class that was close my first semester and then I aced the final. Now I am second hear and scraped by in one class by .02 of a point. Couldn't say why, got and A and a B in the other 2, just didn't do well in that particular class. One semester to go!!!

    Congrats and Good Luck the rest of the way
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    I scraped by with an A by the skin of my teeth! Our 1st semester consists of 12 units all together in one class, one grade. I calculated the number of points that I needed to score on my final in order to have that 90% and I got exactly that score. So I had 90.000000% for the semester!! YAY

    I think next semester it will be easier to have a solid A because I have one professor delivering all of the lecture content instead of 12 different ones. Also I know that she is very methodical and organized. Plus, I learned some better ways to organize my studying for nursing school, so I feel better prepared and ready to keep that 4.0!

    Congrats to everyone and lets keep it up!
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    I know exactly how you feel I was at and A during midterms but ended up leaving with a B...I am now completely revamping how I read the texts. In my school a c is a 75 so I pretty mch stayed away from that area I am also not pressuring my self anymore I wanted to graduate one of the cum laudes but I have a 3.36 now and don't think that the nursing classes will give me a chance to boost up my GPA... I have accepted the nursing school mantra C= Pass and submit fully lol... but I am still proud of myself and everyone fro making it successfrully through the semester.
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