Older and back in nursing school...????

  1. Is anyone here in thier late 40's or 50's and back in school for the second time?? I ask because I was in school in my late 20's-early 30's and hubby decided he didn't want me working so I had to leave school. (4.o gpa and a great student. had nothing to do with my grades or performance) I was going to go back to school in my mid 30's but I had another baby. (that was a BIG reaosn I had to leave before cuz I and hubby wanted me to stay home with babies) So...now I have a 21 month old. I dream, and think about going back to school all the tim. I get jealous of people who are in school. I was a member of this board back in nursing school but took a break ..and came back...and took a break...and came back... because I love it here and I feel at home on the nursing boards. I sometimes get a terrible feeling in my stomach when on here cuz I know I will not be able to go back to school until my 21 month od is nearly an adult.

    I am torn. I want so badly to be a nurse, to go back to school. ..but, I also don't want ot miss anything with my baby and I want to be here for him and the older 2 for everything. So...
    That brings me to my question.. i want to knwo if anyone here started school and for one reason or another had to leave and then went back when in the 40's or 50's and how was it?? Was it harder or easier? Was it tough being around a lot of younger people, kids?
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  3. by   carolmaccas66
    I was older in nursing school. At first I felt SO alien, but you get used to it, and even though younger ones have different interests, there were older people there who you get to know. I just accepted everyone and acted myself and made a heap of new mates.
    But for you with kids you have to choose which you want: a career or to be with ur kids. I know people who have juggled both, but it is very hard and you can lose sight of your goal easily. I would do one semester, or one year, if I were you to see how you go. But firstly, sit down and make a list of people who can help out with babysitting, picking up/dropping kids to and from school, and you also need to make rosters for housework, shopping, etc and schedule time for study and STICK to it. You will need to be very disciplined.
    I think if ur older in school, u also don't have the same hang ups as younger people, you've probably worked through a lot of them and are more settled. But u would need to discuss all this with ur hubby too.
    I wish you luck in pursuing your dream. Remember, the road is long but DAMN it feels good when you get to the end of it with that degree in ur hand!
  4. by   JTODDRN
    I graduated from nursing school last week at 42 years old. We had people from age 20 to 50 in my class. Don't let your age stop you. Yeah sometimes the young ones got on my nerves, I envied there unending supply of energy, and a lot of days, I literally drug my rear end home exhausted from clinicals. But, I hung in there and made it. YOU CAN TOO! Don't let the fact that you are "older" deter you. Age has nothing to do with your ability to succeed! Good Luck and follow your dreams!!
  5. by   diva rn
    Girl...I didn't even START nursing school until I was 40!! Then I went on to get both a Bachelors and Masters degree in Health Administration....GO FOR IT....the time is going to pass whether you do it or not you will be amazed at how fast it goes by. If this is what you really want to do, then every one will be happier in the end...and you will have something that no one can ever take away from you...GOOD LUCK
  6. by   Grumpygs
    You may want to consider taking a few (1 or 2) classes. You'll need lots of prerequisites before nursing schools will even consider you - biology, pharmacology, microbiology, anatomy and physiology (the list is long... ).

    You may regret not spending time with your baby. I waited until my daughter (only child) was in 10th grade before even starting to take classes. I graduated last May from nursing school at 45, got my RN license last July, turned 46 and my daughter is in her senior year in college now and will be graduating this fall!

    Nursing is the BEST thing I did for MYSELF - Like the other posters have said, being older can be of some benefit, and age is ONLY a number...

    Consider starting slowly, maybe you'll be ready to apply/start nursing school by the time your little one is in school and then you can take your nursing courses while they are in class too. Some people have also said that they do their 'homework' at the same time as their kids.

    Good luck! Don't let age stop you from achieving your goals!
  7. by   Bandaide
    I started nursing school at 52 and will graduate at 55. My daughter is grown, graduated from college, and about to start grad school. I can concentrate on school, knowing that she and my husband are totally self sufficient. DH does the house stuff while I go to school.

    I feel that I have a big advantage over the young ones. The critical thinking stuff was pretty mutch already in place, I think just due to life experience. Plus at this age, either a family member or close friend has had nearly everything we've studied. And I don't feel the need to go out and party nearly as often.

    The U.S. government tells me I will need to work to age 72 to get full social security (if it still exists) so I'll have a potential 20 year career ahead of me. And I'll still be 72, nursing degree or not.
  8. by   NurseOnAMotorcycle
    My mom just graduated in December. She's 56. You can do it.
  9. by   Survivor 1957
    I don’t know if this is encouragement or not but I am back in school and I just turned 54 last Sunday… geez that’s old, I guess. I don’t have your 4.0, Mine is a much more modest 3.4 and I am a guy. I am doing fairly well in school now. I just completed Anatomy and Physiology today, and I got a “B” for the year. I raised my kids, attended to their every whim, got dumped by my wife after 26 years and had a… Stroke! Yep a brain stem stroke. Followed by the blood clot that caused the stroke in my brain stem breaking into three parts, one hit my left hemisphere, one hit my right hemisphere, while the main piece partied in my brain stem. It weren’t pretty, but now almost 5 years later, I walk and talk again. I am slowly working my way toward being an RN. I have become a CNA. And got straight A’s in that program, and all I have left is Micro, everything else is done. Now it is just a matter of waiting to get into a class. I will make it, and I am proud of my accomplishments. I still have lot to do but I really want to be a nurse. I can see my way through now. Not all of the others are younger. I am on the upper end, but I am certainly not alone. We all just kind of work together. I am having a lot of fun. Everybody just kind of excepts everybody else. I have made a lot of new friends, and we will see each other thru the program. Don’t give up your dream.
  10. by   lrlat
    You are perfectly normal. I began my journey under almost the same situation. Not very good in high school, parents did not even finish high school. I had my first at 17 and decided that it was best to just focus on whatever job I could get, and try to raise my babies. I had always wanted to be a nurse as long as I could remember, so when my youngest graduated, I decided it was ME time. I have spent the last 2 years doing pre-req's and getting as many classes out of the way as possible. I managed to get inducted into 2 honor societies and begin nursing school this fall. So ...no it is NEVER to late. BTW I am 46 y/o with three grown children and 4 grandchildren and having the time of my life!
  11. by   CT Pixie
    I started my LPN schooling at 38 graduated 18 months later. Here I am at 42 back in school and doing all the needed things in order to get into the LPN to RN bridge program.

    Honestly, the "traditional" student is now becoming older and 2nd career people. So you won't feel so out of place.

    Also, I am famous for saying this..the years will pass..regardless..in 5 years you can be 5 years older and not a nurse..or you can be 5 years older AND a nurse. No matter what 5 years will pass. I chose to take the bull by the horns and plod through school..no matter how long it takes.
  12. by   SoFla
    I am over 50 and just applied this week to nursing school. I hold a 4.0 and still have five children at home. I did not start a family until 26 and I still have a middle schooler and a 2 high schoolers. Honestly my going back to school was hard for us as the children were used to having me all the time. When I started school I was home a lot but had to study. I am really going to miss being with my children while in school. I wish I could put this off but I'm already older than everyone else at school. I am taking at least part of the summer off to spend more time with these great guys. My husband is going to have to home school the kids as I will no longer be able to handle that on top of nursing school.

    School at my age means that I am one of the most self disciplined students. I am prepared, know what I need to know and know what I have not grasped....yet. My assignments exceed what is required and there is no question that I have a firm foundation in my prerequsiites. I occasionally have a deeper understanding of anatomy beyond the teacher because I am a mother, daughter or friend of someone who has had a particular medical condition. Most of my classmates have assumed I am already a nurse rather than a stay at home mom for 28 years. My chemistry teacher keep asking what I was. I kept telling him I was a mom. He wanted to know what industry I had been working in and my occupation.

    Buy some older editions and study whatever interests you. Chase all the answers to questions you don't know. Educate yourself while you are home with your children. Sign up with www.paperbackswap.com , give away a few old books even in you have to buy them at a garage sale. Get yourself a medical dictionary and look up everything you don't know. Read these boards to find which authors and companies are good sources.
  13. by   kcrewfive
    @carrollmacc: I actually was in school one semester at a time. I went for 3.5 years. I was 2,5 semesters from graduation when hubby said that was enough. I did want to finish but hubby knew I woudl want to keep my license and have to work a certain amount of hours a year to keep it so he said there was no point in finishing and to wait til later when kids are older. I have done it that way and it didn't make my hubby happy.
  14. by   kcrewfive
    @sofla: I live in sofla now too! I used to live in new England. that is where I had gone to nursing school! I also have all my nursing books too. i have 3 shelves of books all from school. I still can not let them go. I look at them a lot. I still "know my stuff" so to speak. i just hate that i can't really use it. haha.