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  1. Hello. This problem I am having may need quite a long introduction, but I will summarize as best as I can. What I need is genuine advice. Last year I was a very hard working student and I got a 4.0 GPA and go accepted into my university nursing program. Now this year, I ended up having to get paired up with a random roommate in a dorm room because I do not have a car. This first semester has been a downhill spiral for me. Last year, my roommate, who ended up having to transfer schools for her major, was perfect. She was never in the room really, and when she was, we were friends and she was quiet as could be, so I could STUDY. Now this year, I thought that getting assigned to a random roommate in a small dorm room would not be horrible, but it has been. My roommate is not that bad of a person. She initially started off watching TV all teh time in the room and it was hard for me to adapt to since last year I was able to study without any problems. We ended up working out it out where she uses headphones while watching TV now, but I still find way to get distracted, like when she is opening and closing drawers she is really loud and just kind of careless where my roommate last year was always courteous as can be and dead silent. Also, she does not care about school and it is hard for me to be in this environment. I have tried and tried to switch room and it has gotten to the point where I feel I NEED a single, but there is not a single room available on campus. I have no car, so I cannot go anywhere off campus. Now it is to the point that whenever I go and study in my room, or do anything, I just cannot do it. I get so much anxiety inside of me and I just have a panic attack. The library is a 10 minute walk from my dorm every single day, and I just fear that I will be unhappy there. My roommate snores each and every night too and it keeps me up and I have to use ear plugs and ti still does not blcok it out. What do you suggest I do to cope with this situation? I really need advice because I can see my grades and motivation slowly but surely slipping through the palm of my hand. Next year I have plans already to life with 3 people and I will have my own bedroom, but I just fear I will not be able to get through this one more semster with this girl and I feel that things will go downhill to the point where I have too many issues where I may have to just go home. Please, I need genuine advice here.
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  3. by   driven2012
    Based off what you said it seems as though you have no choice but to tough it out! It is unfortunate because it negatively impacts you but besides voicing your concerns to her directly, some people just aren't acutely aware of other people and how their actions affect them. Just think it is only a semester compared to a lifetime and you don't want to let our grades slip because of another person. You seem like a dedicated student and if you can walk the 10min to the library then that's a great option and better ten driving yourself crazy in the room with her. Life is about adapting and this is your chance to push through for a few months and test your strengths! Good luck
  4. by   KelRN215
    The semester is almost over. There are bound to be rooms that open up next semester. Students transfer, go abroad, move off campus, etc. Have you met with the people at the housing office at your university?
  5. by   sarahsather
    Thank you for both of your comments. Yes - I have met with people. I actually had an arrangement to get a single room, but to my luck, one of the girl's changed her minds and was going to keep her room so that got ruined. Obviously, that made me very sad. I just wish I could study in my room without having so many issues, because it really is what is best for me. Having to go to the library will be inconvenient, but I will have to adapt big time and just make this next semester work. I really care about my education and my grades, and I just do not know if it is "normal" for a student to have to go to the library every day to student, or if I should just stick it out and put music on or something like gray noise or whatever to just focus and try it out in my room. What do you guys think?
  6. by   KelRN215
    Yes, it is normal to go to the library to study in college.
  7. by   sarahsather
    Every single day? Because that is what I will be doing. The thing that makes me feel weird about it, is that I just like having one single constant spot to study where I know I can be for an unlimited time. In my room, I do not have to leave at midnight because it is closing, I do not have to worry about not being in the same spot. Is this weird? I feel I am starting to over-obsess over things because I am just under too much stress.
  8. by   gatoraims RN
    I do not think it is abnormal to have to go to the library every single night. Plus the walk could be beneficial. If putting on music works for you why not try that on the days that you do not need to focus as much time or dedication to studying. Nursing school is hard and you have to do things that are no fun. Everyone has a different situation or issue that they have to over come. Yours happens to be your roommate.
  9. by   sarahsather
    Thank you for your comment. I will try the library this Monday and hope that it makes things a lot better for me. The one other problem is that, I have become to dependant on my ear plugs that I almost cannot study without them at all. Is that bad? I feel that using headphones all day to sleep and then study is not healthy for my ears, I am starting to have ear pain and it makes me scared because I am starting to think I wont be able to use my ear plugs anymore and I am like dependant on them. I hope you guys can understand, I am just having a rough time and I really need to get through this. My grades are dropping and it is unlike me. I really am dedicated and I just cannot believe what has gotten into me.
  10. by   FutureCRNA?
    I LOVE my earplugs lol. I started using them probably 2-3 years ago and since then I've slept the best I've ever slept in my life. To give reference, I'm a 32 YO married mom of two and I've been a very light sleeper. I've went from being an insomniac to a happy, well-rested morning person I can't sleep without them any more!

    As for studying, go to the library. The 20 minute walk round trip will be very beneficial for your brain!

    Have you tried actually talking to your roommate? Telling her the problem? Keeping the peace or "being nice" isn't worth your grades or your mental health.
  11. by   sarahsather
    I have talked to my roommate. I have asked her to do many little things to make it easier on me. I feel that some of the things I ask her are unreasonable though, because I am so stressed that everything is getting to me. She snores at night, and it kills me because I really enjoy studying late at night in my dorm room, and since the library closes at midnight, that will suck. I have told her how important school is to me and how I need like absolute quiet while studying, and I don't know. she does not seem to really understand. I feel like I have bothered her so much that I cannot ask her anything else. I am to the point now where her opening and closing drawers loudly all the time and her flipping back and forth her notebook pages constantly when she attempt to study is bothering me, when I do not think it should. I am not sure though if those are rational things to be bothered by.
  12. by   Clovery
    get a good pair of headphones... not earbuds, the type that completely covers your ears... and learn to love white noise or any other sound that is conducive to concentration.
  13. by   sarahsather
    I have 33DB noise reduction earplugs and then I have shooting muffs and I wear them. They seem to block out a good amount of noise (I wear them together.. lol it is crazy) but it still doesn't cancel out everything since her and I are in such close proximity. It is a small dorm room. I should have never moved in. That brings up another topic, I am SO used to studying with absolute quiet that I have tried "brown noise" and it sometimes works, but I am always nervous I am not retaining what I am reading. As you all know, nursing requires us to read these textbooks like crazy and really grasp the info. Is brown noise like known for helping a person concentrate?
  14. by   JBudd
    I think you are being overly sensitive. Flipping her notebook pages? and you have your ears blocked? You are thinking too much about her actions. Some dorms have study rooms, or quiet areas; can you go there?

    It is not unreasonable to go to the library to study. Good mental break at midnight, review what you have been studying during the walk. Does your roommate bang drawers after midnight? Keep studying when you get back.

    This semester is almost over, is it possible you are stressing over exams and end of term, but blaming it on your living situation? What do you do to relieve your stress, because you really sound anxious and as though you need a bit of a break.