Nursing student being abused by teacher and staff

  1. Hi, im not sure where to start.

    I am 9 months into my diploma of nursing course, something I want more than anything. But of late it has been a nightmare to be at school! my teacher continually puts me down for asking questions that im not sure about, she humiliates me in front of the whole classroom, and allows other students to be rude to me when I ask or have input in class discussion. I have asked her to please stop and its not ok, since then my exams have come back with marks rubbed out and changed, results are different than they are ment to be, my work "disappears" and then claimed I never handed anything in!

    I have gone and spoken to the head of the nursing program to which I was told I would be spoken to when she is at our centre next, which I was ignored when she arrived. I have gone to the manager at our centre and was told im being silly get over it. Another incident occurred yesterday where I was blamed for something several other students have done, the manager came into our classroom and screamed at the top of her lungs at me calling me names telling me I don't belong here and shouldn't be a nurse etc, after I left and tried to calm down she came and had another round and finally when she allowed me to speak and told her I didn't do anything she said oh well and left.

    I have gone from just coping with everything occurring to now a complete mess and I honestly don't know if I should do this anymore! I cant goto my teacher, I have tried the manager at our centre, I have tried the nursing manager, and also the head office all of which I have been told get over it your just causing trouble.

    I'm terrified I will be failed or abused again and I don't know where to turn to know what I could do in this situation? so please if anyone could give me any tips or suggestions I would be incredibly grateful!!
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  3. by   llg
    What is forcing you to stay there? Why not just leave?
  4. by   dotoriffic
    I am sorry you are going through this!! Everyone has a boss, so I would take it up the next level and also see if you can get anyone that was a witness to this behavior to go with you. Honestly, it sounds like you are being bullied, if no one else is being treated this way. I have never had anyone openly yell at me in class or actually anywhere in the manner in which you have described. If you can't go to a different school or program than you need to address this and hopefully it will be resolved this time. Best of luck, I hope it gets better!
  5. by   kyliel
    I'm staying because this is the only option or I would have to travel 2.5 hours to the next school, and for me that's just not possible to travel that far or to move. Yes there are other students this has happened with but not as severe as what I have got I assume it is because I stood up for myself. There is one student who has stood by me entirely and explained what has happened to everyone with me and it has made no effect except for her now receiving the same treatment. There is only one more higher boss I can goto but the issue is the manager of my centre has told him that there is no issue and I am just trying to cause trouble, when in fact all I want is to be able to come to a place to learn and achieve my goals. ATM the only other option is getting some form of education department advice or what not, I just really don't know.
  6. by   LoriRNCM
    That's terrible. Are you allowed mini recorders in your class? Voila..... problem solved, now you have evidence of her rants to take to the higher ups. Regarding leaving, I would definitely NOT. Pursue your dreams in spite of bullies, and if worse comes to worse, smile at her when she rants at you and say "Thank you for that feedback, I appreciate it." Then take up kick boxing to vent your frustrations.
  7. by   springchick1
    Quote from llg
    What is forcing you to stay there? Why not just leave?
    Why should she just leave? She's invested time and money. She shouldn't just give up because she's being bullied. OP, I agree with the voice recorder. I would also recommend making a copy of all assignments am have a friend in class go with you to turn them in. That way you have a witness. Good luck and keep your chin up!
  8. by   smoup
    I think it's great you're sticking up for yourself and taking it up the chain of command! I hope your are able to get some resolution soon. Is this a professor or at a clinical site? Not that it matters but I'm hoping if it's a clinical site you won't have to deal with it much longer.

    I also agree with the voice recorder and would probably do it even if it wasn't allowed. (I know, not a great idea).
  9. by   Trenata
    I agree, record all interactions with this teacher and keep a complete record of all that is going on and bring it to a higher level.
  10. by   Mandy0728
    What kind of school board members act like this?? I am so sorry you are going through this!!!
  11. by   kyliel
    Thank you all so very much I have been keeping a diary but for some reason I have never recorded it all I can't believe I've been so silly not to just do it tht way I guess it was just a worry of being caught and having more reason for her to belittle me! But I really do think at the moment I will have to do it and then try and find someone to take it to! And no it's a private institute so we will always have these women until I finish in December next year. Again thanks for your help and support you all have no idea how much I appreciate this!!!
  12. by   Hygiene Queen
    You MIGHT want to check out your laws on tape recording without another party's permission.
  13. by   LoriRNCM
    Quote from Hygiene Queen
    You MIGHT want to check out your laws on tape recording without another party's permission.
    If your instructor allows you to record lectures wouldn't that constitute her permission to be recorded? Seems to me it would.
  14. by   rocababy119
    I think it's ridiculous that your being treated this way....I think you need to go to the highest of the high when it comes to this matter. When it comes to your assignments you should turn in a hard copy and also email everything and save a copy in your sent folder that way you have proof that you are turning in things.. I pray this issue gets resolved!!