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Nursing school sucks!

  1. 2 Hi everyone,
    I'm looking for solid advice on a simple topic. I'm in my 3rd year of nursing school, and all my teacher are total witches. The work load is unbearable as usual, but this semester its so much worse because all of them are very apathetic and downright vicious whenever they get the chance to be. I'm a male and try to be a good student, but the semester just started and i'm so stressed. The feeling seems mutual among my classmates. My teachers this semester are all 50+ years old and have not been on the front line working as a nurse in many years. I don't know what to do because their lectures are poor, they are dishing out a truck load full of extra projects without any clear directions how to get them done. I now realize why so many people drop out of nursing school. I really want to finish this semester, but none of these instructors are willing to help outside of class. Approaching them with questions is asking to get your head bit off! I honestly don't know why people like this continue to be teachers. For all the people out there trying to get into nursing school, all I can say is find any other option if at all possible. I want to be a nurse, but nursing school will test your resolve by applying the wrenches until your bones crack!

    Any advice?
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    stick through it. i always felt overwhelmed at the beginning of each class but it ended up being fine in the end. hang in there and just resolve to make the best of it. your almost done!
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    sounds like a crap school to me, i dont think this is how most nursing teachers are. Maybe think about transfer if feasible, if not keep going.
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    how about addressit ng the issue with the Dean of the nursing school if you truly feel that none of the nursing instructors are approachable about the issue.
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    Quote from brandon2011
    sounds like a crap school to me, i dont think this is how most nursing teachers are. Maybe think about transfer if feasible, if not keep going.
    Wrong-O. Many, many, many of us have horror stories from reputable schools.

    Just keep your head down, suck up the BS (that you know it is) and suffer through it. Look at it as a rite of passage, or, hazing. It's crappy, but it's a must, and you'll have your license at the end.

    Best wishes. Come back for support anytime!
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    Stick it out-you'll have a license to show for being treated like crap. Some instructors mean well, others are evil, none are permanant. You will never have to see them again when school is over
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    Just stick with it you made it this far dont give up! I can tell you that many of us all went through the same HORRIBLE semesters, one after the other...horrible teacher after horrible teacher. But in the will become a nurse and you won't ever have to see any of them again!! GOOD LUCK, you can do it!!!!
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    Don't say this...but think it to yourself....someday soon they'll be sick,,,,and then they'll wish they had been different. Might happen or maybe not, but it's one of those sick fantasy thoughts that get you through hell.
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    Don't focus on the negative, as hard as that is sometimes. Worry about what you can control. Make the best of your classes, but most of all take advantage of your clinicals. Do as much and soak in as much as you can. Ask lots of questions.

    Read...textbooks, magazines, websites, etc. Educate yourself.

    Some are in better situations than others, but for the most part nursing school is what you make of it.
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    Quote from utadahikaru
    For all the people out there trying to get into nursing school, all I can say is find any other option if at all possible.
    You shouldn't discourage others based on your experience.

    I happen to be in a nursing school with instructors who aren't witches and who genuinely care about us. It can be a little disorganized at times but overall I have had a really good experience. Yeah, it's hard, but that's to be expected. Our program provides a very supportive environment and our instructors want to see us succeed.

    Hang in there!!
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    My suggestion is to keep striving until you reach your goal. Why give up now? you made it this far already, what's a few more bumps along the road? when you reach your destination it's going to be fulfilling. Stay positive and cool-headed. Also, not every teacher is the same...different methods of teaching. Try to find the areas they are weak in and research on whatever you feel might improve your learning environment.
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    Heck yeah it sux! Join the club kiddo. You gotta admit, it sux so bad there is humor in it. Just wait, you'll get to the point where you'll share laughing attacks in the med room with fellow students and if you are lucky, at your teacher's expense with a cool RN or two! Remember, the motto is, "just do it" and be done with it.