Nursing School Hours?

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    What days & what times do you go to school/clinicals?

    I am going to be starting nursing school... eventually.. lol

    Personally, though I do absolutely have the desire to be a nurse, God is above everything...

    I have church Thursday nights at 7:30, and Sunday, 2-4, and Bible study Friday at 7:30pm...

    Those are things that are going to take place in my life no matter what I do, along with my prayer life...

    I just wanted to make sure that most nursing schools are during the week and dont go that late.. at least on thursdays & fridays..

    Thank you guys

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    I don't think you will have a huge conflict between your spiritual duties and a nursing school schedule. I don't know which program you will attend but various programs in my area operate during similar here is how it worked for us:

    Monday class 2 hours 8-10a or 10-12p, Pharm 12-1p
    Tues clinical 7a-7p
    Wednesday (same as monday)
    Thursday clinical day 7a-7p
    Friday class 2 hours 10-12p (second semester only)

    *clinical days: you did either/or...Tues or Thur but not both. You got to choose, but the instructors would balance the schedule if it was uneven. We had to be there the night before to gather pt info during our first semester...and it took hours because we were so new and learning so much. After that we just had to make sure we got there by 6:30a to get info before preconference. We normally got out early, by 5 or 6p. Sometimes clinicals were offered on Sat or Sun but we always had a weekday option. Two rotations we had clinicals twice a week for 6 hours instead of once a week for 12hours...T&TH 7a-1p

    *class times: at the beginning we had two class times to choose from, but at we progressed and our class size dwindled...we had only one class time. We were never on campus past 1pm unless we had extracirricular activities

    ***Sounds good right...not much time on paper. HA!!!!! You spend lots of time outside of school preparing, studying, working on care plans, writing papers, organizing group projects, teaching projects, community projects, computer time, etc. etc. etc.

    You will not have a huge conflict scheduling around your spiritual obligations. BUT you will have a tight schedule. You must stay organized and on top of things. It's definitely doable.
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    Thank you very much
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    I go to clinicals Mondays and Tuesdays from 7:30am-2pm. It was the same for first semester as well. I think semesters 3 and 4 we go the same time but on W/Th.

    I also have skills lab on Saturday from 9-11:30, but there are classes during the week as well. I take my lecture courses online so I don't go to campus for those, but they are held during the week in the daytime also.
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    I don't start my nursing classes until fall, but my schedule will be:
    Monday 7 A.M. to 1 clinical
    Tuesday 8:30 A.M. to 10:30 lecture
    Wednesday 7 A.M. to 1 clinical
    Friday 9 A.M. to 11 lab

    Keep in mind that I have ALL of my prerequisites done, though.

    Take Care,
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    What nursing school are you going to? I am taking my prereq's now, and Im worried about the wait...

    How long did you have to wait to get into your school?
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    Our day classes run anywhere from 830am to 5:00 PM. Clinicals are as early as 530 and as late as 8:00 PM. Mine this term runs from 3PM to 8 PM Thursday. We are assigned our clinical time but have a bit of an input as to it being a morning or an evening.

    I understand your dedication to your faith but I suspect God would understand if you had to choose between Bible Study & clinicals for a few weeks. My question... what kind of nursing are you planning to get into after graduation? Hospital?? LTC? As a new nurse you will be on the bottom of the totem pole. How will you handle it if told you have to work on Sunday? Many have to work at least 1 & often 2 weekends a month.
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    I dont know what I want to do after graduation.. hopefully I'll find out working & doing clinicals.. if I miss once and a while, I dont think it will be too bad, but I know if God wants me at Church or Bible study, He'll make a way for my schedule..

    Thanks for your imput
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    I am in block I and here's my schedule:

    M 8-12:30pm Pharm
    T 8-12pm Theory
    W 6:30-2pm clinical
    TH 6:30-2pm clinical
    F OFF!!!

    for the first 5 weeks of the semester we were in class on W and Th from 8-3:30pm but now that we are in the hospital, we go in earlier. Hope that helps!
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    Quote from IwannabeanRN!
    I dont know what I want to do after graduation.. hopefully I'll find out working & doing clinicals.. if I miss once and a while, I dont think it will be too bad, but I know if God wants me at Church or Bible study, He'll make a way for my schedule..

    Thanks for your imput
    I have no doubt whatsoever, he will make it possible. A story from my past- My mother was hired as the very first woman to work in our town's Post Office in the mid 1960's. It was a "good ol' boys club" & they did not want a woman there but, since she got the highest score on the civil service test, they had no choice. They made her life miserable, hoping she'd quit, including, I learned many years later, sexual harrassment. My mother was a very strong Christian & never missed church so they scheduled her to work all day on Sunday, sorting mail as the PO was closed. That did it, she blew up & threatened to make trouble because of the rest of the stuff. They let her leave the PO every Sunday in time to go to church & then she had to go back 2 hours later to finish her shift and they let her do that until she quit. I believe that all her prayers about the situation had a bearing in what happened.

    So, what's the name of the song we sang at Sunday School as children? "Why worry when you can pray?"

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