Nursing School Drug Test?

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    Nursing school requires a drug test. I understand it is very comprehensive and covers many drugs. I take prescibed hydrocodone for pain, will this be a problem?

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    Quote from bluelight
    Nursing school requires a drug test. I understand it is very comprehensive and covers many drugs. I take prescibed hydrocodone for pain, will this be a problem?
    Just be sure to tell them before they run the test. Give them a copy of your prescription.
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    I agree -- don't try to hide anything. Bring in a copy of your prescription or pill bottle at the time of the urine/blood test.
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    We had to be drug tested at the nursing school I'm in. The company gave us a paper to write our information on and there was a spot to list any medication that you had took in the last 30 days along with a spot to put how much, who prescribed it and the MD's number. They told to also put any OTC, herbal medications, food with poppy seeds,and teas (green and something else) that we had took in the last 30 days because they also can affect a drug screen.
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    Don't worry about the drug test. I also take prescription drugs and I was never notified of any problem with my drug test. If anything shows up on the test, they will call you and you can give them your prescription information. This happened to a few students in my class (one taking pain meds after dental surgery) and it was all cleared up after they gave them their doctor's contact info.
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    Im confused and worried. I was accepted in to ther LVN-RN transition program that starts this month. I take antidepressants and im seeing a psychiatrist today for anxiety. DO you think I will not be able to continue with school? DO they hold that against you. I am really worried. Should I call the school and let them know? I guess i am freaking out and i am ashamed to have to take meds for depression/anxiety. Someone please advise?n Thanks
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    A call to the school would probably be the best bet. We just can't accurately speculate about your program here.
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    As someone who's taken more than her share of drug tests for work reasons (pre-employment and random tests, not because they suspected anything ), when it comes time to take your test:

    1. Be sure to tell them EVERYTHING you've taken in the last couple of weeks, even if it's a OTC or herbal medicine. Leave nothing out, not even those Flintstone chewables. Don't worry about being judged--it's not their business why you're taking what you have to take. Besides, most places are usually looking just for illegal drugs and not everything you're taking (but don't hold me to that--check with your school for the final word).

    2. If you're on prescription medication, bring a copy of the prescriptions if you can, or at least the bottles. You could also have your doctor write a note verifying that you're on these medications.

    3. If you think one of the medicines that you're on will possibly/definitely have an adverse effect on your test, talk to them BEFORE the test. It is a lot less trouble for both you and the school if you're upfront about what medicines you're on before the test, than trying to address an unexpected false positive result later. Trust me on that one.
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    thanks for the advice
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    They aren't testing for prescription drugs, they are testing for cocaine and marijuana. If you haven't used those particular drugs, don't sweat it.

    Oh, and I'm beginning my fifth and last block of an LPN program today, we've had 3 drug tests so far.

    So don't ever do any recreational drugs while you intend to enter or complete a nursing program.

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