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    Hello nurses and fellow nursing students. I am eager to get back to school this semester but before I return to school I must complete 1000 nursing questions. They gave us nursing students a little over a month to complete the questions. My question right now is which resources would be best to complete it? You must be able to print out your results and score 80 or higher. Also looking for any tips on how to go about completing them.

    This is my first thread so I hope I can have a receptive community!!

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    What level questions? Is it ATI?
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    I've never heard of that before. Is this before you even get accepted to nursing school?
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    Remember nursing questions are different then normal test questions. Break down the question and pick out key terms. There will always be two (or more) answers that could be correct, it's a matter of picking the most correct question. Make sure the answer correlates to the question, there may be options that are correct but they don't have anything to with the question. It helps to try and 'think' like a nurse. Priorities, what can the nurse do within their scope, etc. Hope this helps a little. We didn't have to answer nursing questions but we had to pass an aptitude test.
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    Don't expect to learn only a lot of memorizable facts in nursing school, although there are many of them and you VILL learn zhem! Achtung!

    Seriously, though, nursing school wants you to retain everything you learn as you go along, including your prerequisites, and be able to apply them. Nursing is an applied discipline. Critical thinking is the term you'll hear a lot-- it means that you can pick out the applicable facts in a situation, analyze how they are at work, and discern what to do, based on that body of retained knowledge.
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    Quote from CalRNtoBe2013
    What level questions? Is it ATI?
    It can be ati but I always do those questions. They never put any new ones up. I'm not sure what you mean level. I think it can be any level.
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    You will have to purchase them. There are several. ATI is what I used through out school. Also Ive heard of Hurst, Kaplan, Saunders, and several others. You should be able google this and find tons.
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    Not sure if this counts as advertising and if that is allowed, so this post might need to be removed. I went to the NSNA convention this past year and a table handed out cards where you could get free test questions. You have to register, but it has 1200 questions, or so I am told (I never ended up using it). Here's the website: NetCEStudents
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    Quote from lorirn2b
    I've never heard of that before. Is this before you even get accepted to nursing school?
    I'm going into my fourth year. It's a way of prepping for the nclex I guess. I actually have to do 5000. 2000 for this coming fall and spring semesters.
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    What do you mean by resources do you have to resource the questions that you answer? YOur respurces would be your text books.

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