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    So angry at myself, I had my exam Monday, I don't know how I did but feel pretty awful about it. I changed at least 3 or 4 answers that I had right already. So now my question is, do you ever change your answer or stick to the saying 'go with your first instinct'?? I have my final in two Weeks and im leaning towards maybe I shouldnt change any answers!

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    I learned the hard way not to be the eraser queen.......what I do now is that if I am not sure I don't spend a ton of time on the question I will leave it blank and put a star by it and come back to it because our exams are done the old fashion way paper, pencil, scantron so it is easy for me to come back to it at the end....but you must remember to be on your p's and q's about time management.....this way I don't get eraser happy....or even some times I use eraser-less pencils...this way I am "short" if I don't narrow the choices down right the first time....I am trying to get in the habit of know that I know that I know
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    Never never EVER do I change my answers. I also never go back over my exam. Do it and hand it in.
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    Yes, don't use that eraser. If you think an answer is what you think it is, leave it at that. Plus it feels worse when you erase it and then it was the right answer than if you just plain got it wrong. Also, don't look to far into the question because that often is the reason I use to erase.
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    I will go over the test again and read each question slowly. If I misread a question then I will change it. If I am not sure about the answer I chose then I leave it.
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    Yes I am definitely kicking myself in the behind for erasing. I know of two I changed that would have been right. This is my second time taking this class (last chance) so I am hoping I am successful! My first exam I did well but this one im very nervous about! Its a six week course my final is 6/24 & I already started studying because I so badly want to do well! Also time is not a worrisome for my exams. I have an ED plan so I sit in a room alone (with a proctor of course) & if the allowed time is 90 mins then im allowed 180 mins. that extra time is good but bad BC thats when I start to second guess myself. My first test I put a tack through my eraser I wish I did that again this time around!
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    Yeah I never change answers. If I'm unsure, I skip it and go back. A lot of the time, another question will clue me on on that past skipped question! After I go back to skipped answers, I check my Scantron sheet and that it. I turn it over and don't look at it again. It's so easy to start second guessing yourself.
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    When I was in school, I was the worst about changing my answers, especially at first. I talked to one of my teachers and she told me that I HAD to quit doing that, even if one switch was right, "answer changers" usually do it to to a few questions, so it almost always causes the grade to drop, and almost never gets you a better grade. She also told me to quit arguing with myself so much, and to not play the what-if game in my head. It was very hard to listen to her the first time, but after I noticed a significant increase in my test score, I continued to use her advice. Never failed a test after that!! If you always change your answers, stop!!!!
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    I've always been told by my college professors that you should never change an answer on a test....however, for me- its worked in my favor many times. I would always circle or star questions I wasn't sure on or answers I wasn't positive on & I'd go back over the test like 3 times & sometimes I'd come across an answer & realize that it was something else. Usually on questions that I'm debating between 2 answers, I usually stick with my first choice
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    I always re-read my exam & review my answers, in case I misread a question. That is the only time I change answers. If it's multiple choice, I rarely change the answer. Usually your gut instinct is right most of the time

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