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  1. 0 Can anyone suggest a good nursing care plan book? Were going into our second round of clinicals and will be doing care plans every week for a grade. I've done a few care plans for practice in class and have done OK on them but didn't really feel like I was completely understanding. I found the following two books on seem to have good reviews and I like the way both books are set up but I want to get all suggestions I can before I buy one since they are not cheap. If you can suggest any or if you've used either of these books (or their previous editions) I would appreciate the input. There are just soooo many to choose from! Thanks!
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    My school uses Ackley, the first one. I'm not thrilled with it, so I got 2 others to use with it. I would buy the previous edition of several, they are much cheaper and very much the same.

    One I like is by Taylor.
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    Most big bookstores (Borders, Barnes and Noble, etc) have a section devoted to academic books, and there should be a subsection for medical or nursing books. You should be able to find several different types of care plan books there. Personally, I use a Thompson-Delmar Medical-Surgical Care Plan book; it's broken down by different common illnesses, then nursing dx for that illness, evidence you should see for that ndx, expected outcomes, interventions with rational.
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    I actually really liked the Ackley book. I used it in all my care plans and it helped me out tremendously. It was highly recommended by my clinical instructor and everyone in my group bought a copy and sung its praises. Of course everyone has their own preferences and I'm sure it has to do with how your school requires you to write care plans, but I did want to throw in a vote for Ackley
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    We used Ackley for our diagnoses and our text books for our rationales.
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    I use Gulanick and Myers 7th edition. Good book with diags and rationales, easy to use.
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    I have about 5 care plan books and I use the NANDA the most. Think it is the easiest to use.
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    Ackley's Nursing Diagnosis Handbook is by faaaar the best! I had another one before that and was super confused. Ackley cleared it up for me.
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