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Hi everyone. I am Firstina, 32 years of age and a Biochemist. I seriously have the urge to go to nursing school but I am thinking its too late. Pls friends what do you think? Can I start a nursing... Read More

  1. by   FDBMath
    6 weeks into my first semester. 43 here, will be 45 when i graduate. You are not too old by any stretch. If you want it, go for it. The only advice I will give is to go all in and don't regret not doing it sooner. You can't change the past and it is not worth the anguish. Trust me, I struggle with that. "If only I had started this path 10 years ago..." Too late to change it.

    If it is for you, you will really enjoy it. I haven't done anything super cool yet, but we just started and are only doing assessments, vitals, and basic patient care. Looking forward to meds, that starts in a couple weeks.

    Good luck!!
  2. by   Mmenesses99
    I hope not I'm 46 and in my Junior I semester.
  3. by   vintagemother
    29 when I made the decision to become an RN. Took a few prereqs, then became a CNA. Took more prereqs for the RN program, then went to LV/PN school. Took more prereqs and then applied to an RN bridge program. Graduated at 36, and am now 38 and have been working as an RN for over a year. You're not too old!!
  4. by   imhorsemackerel
    Well my mom became an RN in her mid 40s. She was first a CNA, pursued her LPN, then she became an RN. My brother and I were a handful as kids, so she never pursued her BSN. It will be a lot of work, but its definitely doable.
  5. by   wannabeny
    I'm just shy of 30 and in school. Spent all of my teens & twenties travelling and riding racehorses. Decided I needed a career change. The woman who mentored me on the racetrack, was an assistant trainer for years and just got her yoga instructors certification about 8 years ago..she is 65 years old and can easily out-yoga most anyone I know! Never to late to go back to school for a change. Go for it if you're feeling the urge & have your ducks in a row!
  6. by   CatherineV
    We are on the same track im just starting , on the process of getting my transcripts check on a community college here to see if they can credit any of my subjects .Im excited it is always nice to
    have a career time is all we have for free its better to use it to something than nothing. Life is good
  7. by   psychbrain
    I would definitely go for it. Thirty-two is definitely not old, by any stretch of the imagination! I graduated with my ADN at age 50, with my BSN at age 55 and now am about to start grad school for PMHNP. It's never too late!
  8. by   Apple-Core
    Mid-40s here, just starting school.

    Honestly, if I wanted to go to nursing school and I was 84, I'd do it.
  9. by   CKPM2RN
    You kids are killing me! I took NCLEX-RN at 49 years old. Why would you think 32 was too young to start?

    Now get off my lawn.
  10. by   hopess12
    You're okay!!! I went to school with people over 35 years old and passed nursing school! Nothing is impossible! Go for what your heart desires!