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newly accepted student have a question

  1. 0 hi i just got accepted in the program, i have to go to a seminar in about a week and i have a pretty simple question

    1) I have to go a seminar for acceptance and bring 100 dollars for a drug screening/background check. I am just curious when i will have to go for this drug test concerning my work and school schedule. do i get to choose the date? i have to be registered by july so that is primarily why im asking, does it just have to be done before registration? thanks!
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    I would assume it would be that day......but that varies according to what programschool you are in....I would ask them.

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    It will more than likely be a "get it by this date" sort of thing; so you will have some wiggle room in scheduling it when it's convenient for you. My program only required and background check though.
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    We were required to do it same day as orientation. You will most likely not get to choose the date. Be aware as well that they have full ability to drug test at will as well...clinical requirement. Well, as far as I know.
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    Okay I appreciate the commentary thank you!! My only thing is that the orientation is at my college so I don't see how they would take urine samples there legally... seems peculiar but what do I know! looking forward to the profession. Was your orientation in a school as well? just curious I have nothing to hide it wold be more convenient if they did it their then i wouldn't have to drive. I figured they would just make me go to a lab and do it there or something.
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    If they are requiring you bring the funds there it sounds like its a done on site test. Or the other possibility is that you pay and they pay a total fee to the lab to have it done. Usually its required before clinicals, but they may just want to have it done asap to know who is an issue.

    And my test was i choose the date, but i had to go in between 10am and 2pm to get it done. That was the policy of the lab however, and I imagine they aren't all like that.
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    At my school, they brought a company in that took the urine samples on site. And no, you don't get to choose the date - that rather defeats the purpose! Congrats on your acceptance!
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    We had to pay for our drug test in advance.... they said they will tell us when we will take the test at a later time.
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    I appreciate the commentary thank you guys again. I have two orientations to go to so I figure the second one they will have a company come in and take samples or something to that effect my college is in Florida so if any of you have one in Florida it may be similar
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    My old job use to randomly drug test onsite, so I don't think legalities have much to do with where you can be drug tested.

    My school gave us a date that it must be completed and we hade to go to their specific clinic. The clinic was walk-in and open from 5am to 10pm everyday, so there was no excuse to not have it done on time.