Newborn Nursing Diagnoses?

  1. I just started my OB rotation, and was put in the nursery for the first day. We haven't really covered newborn care in lecture, so I'm kinda lost coming up with 3 dx's for my newborn. I do have risk for infection, but I'm not sure what to use for my other two. My newborn was term with no complications, and AGA.

    They sort of threw us into the nursery before any lecture, so I'm hoping someone here with good experience in newborn care could help me with a couple proper newborn nursing dx's to use for my newborn.
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  3. by   Daytonite
    Peds and OB was not my area of practice. If the baby is breastfeeding there are several diagnoses that relate to that. You might be able to scrounge one out of the bonding diagnoses as well. Knowledge Deficit is usually a big favorite, but you have to relate it to the patient who is the baby. If the baby is a male and was/or will be circumsized then you can do something with that. You might ask your question on the OB/Gyn Nursing Forum ( or search the threads there. There is a sticky there entitled "New OB Nurses, Grads and Students, Please Feel Free to post your questions here: " at (

    If you do post a question I would ask it in the vein of "what kind of nursing diagnoses do you use for a completely normal newborn? Other than Risk for Injury, I'm at a loss and my instructor wants us to come us with three. Any suggestions?" Keep in mind that some members are always going to be grumpy and give you grief about not wanting to do homework assignments for students. Just ignore their ignorance.

    The monitor of this forum, VickyRN, might have some ideas. You might want to PM her. When you do get some information, please post it, won't you? This question does come up from time to time and I will save the answer for the next student that comes along with the same question.
  4. by   GingerSue
    If the parents have shown interest in the baby's needs and care, then you could use
    Readiness for Enhanced Knowledge of Newborn Care related to parents' expressed interest in the baby's needs and their interactions with the baby

    If the baby has an attached umbilical cord, then
    Impaired Skin Integrity related to baby's attached umbilical cord
    with Risk for Infection related to baby's unhealed umbilical cord

    If the parents are unaware of newborn safety
    Deficient Knowledge related to safety in the postpartal period
  5. by   prmenrs
    Most of the diagnoses I have seen have to do w/adaptation to extrauterine life; ability to maintain body heat, transition from fetal to neonatal circulation, stuff like that.

    I will look on the newborn flowsheet tomorrow and add to it.

    Do you have info in your text? There are books written on careplans for Maternal-Infant specialty.
  6. by   EricJRN

    As long as you continue to show effort with this assignment (i.e., listing what you have done already and asking specific questions), don't be afraid to post here! We do at times take a slightly negative view of people who cut and paste an assignment for us to complete with no thought of their own, but that is not what you're doing.

    Good suggestions above. Think about the tasks that must be accomplished during the newborn's transition related to perfusion/gas exchange, feeding and temperature regulation. Skin integrity and knowledge deficits are also good options.
  7. by   Pat_Pat RN
    Risk for *everything* d/t unforseen situations AEB Something bad happening

    I think *I'll* use that from now on!

  8. by   rn/writer
    The main ones we chart on are kiddos who have thermoregulation problems (cold kids), blood glucose deficits (kids, mainly breastfeeders who aren't eating properly), and bilirubin issues/phototherapy (yellow kids).

    Risk for infection would be appropriate for babies of GBS+ moms who were not properly treated with prophylactic abx prior to the birth.

    We don't chart on the umbilical cord unless it is grossly herniated. Having an attached cord (they all do) isn't considered impaired skin integrity unless there is something else going on.

    You might have some issues with kids who have a pronounced caput or cephalohematoma. This can cause a low H&H as well as elevated bilirubin from the breakdown of red blood cells.

    Good luck with your assignment.
  9. by   samueltlogan
    i don't agree that readiness for enhanced knowledge is related to parents' expressed interest in the baby's needs and their interactions with the baby

    parents' expressed interest in the baby's needs and their interactions with the baby is your evidence.

    they are ready for enhanced knowledge related to the recent birth of their child

    Readiness for enhanced knowledge related to recent birth of their child as evidenced by parents' expressed interest in newborn care.
  10. by   rn/writer
    The OP hasn't posted on this board in more than three years. It isn't wrong to post in an old thread. Just didn't want you to be waiting on a response.