Mnemonic for blood flow through the heart? Mnemonic for blood flow through the heart? | allnurses

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Mnemonic for blood flow through the heart?

  1. 0 I'm having an exam soon on the heart. We have to fill out a chart 14 steps long on the blood flow through the heart. While it seems fairly simple to memorize, I was wondering if any of you guys have a mnemonic for it or a simpler way to get it?

    Vena Cava, Right Atrium, Tricuspid Valve, Right Ventricle, Pulmonary Valve (semilunar), Pulmonary Artery, so on and so forth!

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    did you try googling it?
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    Toilet Paper My Ass
    Tricuspid /Pulmonary/Mitral/Aortic Valves

    thats how i remember it...
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    Thank you very much!

    I did google, but was looking to see if anyone had any others they thought up, but haven't shared! I think I might go with Toilet Paper My Ass! It seems a lot of people are!
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    I realize this is probably too late for your exam, but the Potsie song from Happy Days! LOL
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    Here's another one. We watched this in A&P 2. The darn song is hard to get out of your head after listeing to it.
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    I just draw the heart (it's actually a square). I know all the landmarks, but it helps to visually see it.
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    This is going to sound just beyond silly, but this video helped me in A&P
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    Here is something I put together to help me.


    Tricuspid > Right Ventricle > Pulmonary valve > Lungs

    escaped the

    Bicuspid > Left ventricle > Aortic valve > Body

    and Pushed All the cheese in the VALVES on the way out!
    PULMONARY AND AORTIC VALVE are points of exit from the ventricles.

    Aorta= 5 letters= Right Vena Cava = 4 letters = Left
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    Kmsl..... This is tooo cute, n thanks I know I can remember this one