Medical dosage calculations

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    Hello I wanted if any one knew of a good medical dosage calculations class possibly online?I live in the Sacramento area. I really need to take this class. Any help is most appreciated
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    The book "Dimensional Analysis for meds" came with a CD tutorial that taught me how to do dimensional analysis for all med problems. It was a true life saver!
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    And as crazy as this sounds, YouTube it! That's what got me through my prereq math class and it is has helped me with dosage calculations as well!
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    I believe my question is being misunderstood. I need to find a medical calculations class to take preferably online. I have checked the local community college but classes are full. Please help.
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    I have never heard of a separate dosage calculations course. Mine was integrated into Nursing Pharmacology, and you couldn't take that at my school unless you were in the nursing program.
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    If you have passed algebra, you should not need a separate class to do med calculations. That's precisely why you have algebra as a prerequisite. I've never heard of a separate class either-- it's integrated into the pharm course, if at all.
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    Well for some private lvn schools that I checked into there pre reqs say pharmacology and medical dosage calculations and they had them as separate classes
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    As part of the nursing curriculum, I can understand that. Not as prerequisites for admission, though.
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    It all depends on where you live. In Georgia we have separate dosages calculations courses in LPN and RN school. I took it by DVD course in before I started my RN program.
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    My community college has a seperate course its only 2 credit hours. It's for Saturday mornings only.