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I' am in my last quarter of nursing and I was recently failed for my clinical portion 2 days from graduation. I looked into a MAR to see if a client could have a narcotic. Turns out the client had 10 min befor she could get it.... Read More

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    The way my program did it, we would get the MAR, gather our meds, then hand the professor the MAR and show them what we had so she could compare it to what the MAR said. Then we went off on our merry way. We never drew up narcotics though, someone had to get those for us. I don't feel what you did was fail worthy though.

    And kjm84, by my third semester, we were allowed to administer most meds by ourselves. We had to let our instructor double check that we had the right meds and dosages, but once they confirmed we had what we were supposed to, we could give them with no supervision. The only exceptions were things like insulin injections. Although I remember my ER clinical, I was giving IV push meds by myself with no one watching. Also did a lot of things with no supervision during my practicum. Guess every state is different!

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    Why turn in an instructor? This almost never works out for the student's good over time. I try to stay off their radar, do good with grades, and do good in clinicals. Then I stay quiet and worry only about my own problems which are many.

    If you are reading this as a new student in nursing school, don't turn in your instructors for anything unless it will legally come back on you or cause God to strike you dead on the spot. All else is trivial and may bring reciprocity.
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    Were you getting the med from the MAR or just from the Narcotic Book?
    If you were using just the Narcotic book than I see the instructor's concern. What if the med had changed since the last dosing?
    What if the previous nurse gave the wrong med?
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    The problem is, if I understand it correctly, that *you* saw the MAR. If you have a co-signer, the co-signer *must* always see the MAR (or orders, or whatever you are working from) as well. They are signing saying that the order is correct with what you are going to be giving.

    There is a reason for co-signing. In cases of students, its obvious. But in my ED, there are several meds that require co-signers (Insulin, certain cardiac drugs, any peds IV meds, etc.). These co-signers, if they value their careers, must look at the order to make sure it is correct. It certainly is for the pts' saftey.

    Not knowing your Exact circumstances, I can't put you *or* the instructor at fault. But as for the generality, you Always check the orders, whether you are giving the med yourself, or are a co-signer.

    DC :-)
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    I don't have any opinion about failing clinical or not (since I don't know anything else about the situation other than what's posted here), but I definitely would not co-sign with a student of mine for removing a narcotic without seeing the MAR with the narcotic order.
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    I'd think a med error would involve one of the six rights. It sounds like maybe you didn't follow the narcotics procedure laid out by your school/clinical site, but I can't imagine kicking someone out for not having the MAR ready for a cosigner. All that was required was for the instructor to refuse to consign without seeing it and then you going to get it. Failing over that seems unreasonably strict, but I'm also only getting one side of the story, so who knows.
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    She should have just asked you to pull out the MAR first before signing....wouldn't (and shouldn't) have been that big of a deal. Unless I'm missing something here.
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    What's the rest of the story? Something seems to be missing...

    I wouldn't sign for you without seeing the MAR, but I surely wouldn't have failed you unless there was more the the story (the MAR didn't back your story, it was the wrong med, etc)
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    we do not allow nursing students to give narcotics, but in general, the MAR should be present when the medication is taken from Pyxis.
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    Yes, I checked the MAR and then the nurse on duty came and opened it to one of her clients while I was opening the Narc drawer and signing the Narc book. I had checked the front PRN page with the pain assesment and the MAR box to double check the time, and then the Narc book to get the med and triple check the time. The only issue was that I didnt have the MAR out ant ready for my instructor to see.

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