Marijuana and Nursing School

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    I'm sure there is a thread about this but I wanted to establish one specific to my situation.

    I am a 20 year old, second year nursing student in a highly competitive nursing program at a four-year private liberal arts college. I do not live on campus, I still live with each of my parents.

    I am sure this question will elicit judgemental comments from all walks of life but let me illuminate you on my character-

    I do not drink alcohol or party.
    I strictly am attending college to better my future and become qualified, you'll hardly catch me socializing. I am extremely school-oriented and maintain a 3.5 gpa.
    I study in my free time and work full time as well as attending school full time.

    but YES, on occasion I indulge in smoking marijuana for the calming effects it has on my situational anxiety and sleep issues.

    So here is my directive.
    Do nursing schools TYPICALLY drug test prior to clinicals and how severe are the consequenceswhen testing positive with marijuana?

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    One of my clinical sites asked for a drug test.
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    All of our sites require drug screens, so we're tested. If we fail it, we're kicked out of nursing school. Not to mention that ANY accident at our clinical site (as in, someone ran over your foot with a med cart) requires a drug screen.

    It isn't worth it. Once you're employed, you'll be subject to the same things, and you could lose your license. Not worth it at all.
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    My school requires drug testing, because the clinical sites require it. If you fail you cannot work at those clinical sites and therefore cannot successfully complete the program, so you are removed. They do allow one retest in some circumstances. You can also be randomly tested at any point if it is suspected you are using any drugs.
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    You are rationalizing your use of a (controversial) prescription drug by your supposed need to self-medicate for your anxiety. Either hold off until you live in a state where an M.D. can prescribe it (off-label, at that) for anxiety, or you're toast.
    Do not self medicate - see a psychiatrist for your anxiety. Not medical advice, just common sense.
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    Regardless of my opinions for/against marijuana, in the situation of nursing student, unless you have a prescription, stop. Though IMO I think it's safer than most prescription drugs and alcohol, fact is, it is illegal in most states. Illegal drug use is generally not acceptable when it comes to being a student/ employee in the health care field.

    Every program I applied to explicitly state that they do drug test and if they don't their clinical sites do. I know if I were you I wouldn't want to risk all my hard work on getting stoned every once in awhile.

    If you have anxiety, see a licensed medical professional so they can come up with a drug intervention that works for you and isn't illegal.
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    If we failed our test to get into school... well, we don't get into school.
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    You fail a drug test and you will be dismissed from the program. It doesn't matter why you use it and they won't even ask for an explanation.
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    Quote from KelRN215
    You fail a drug test and you will be dismissed from the program. It doesn't matter why you use it and they won't even ask for an explanation.
    And the odds of re-admission, even if you pop clean the next time will be slim to none!
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    Rationalize all you wish- you are using an illegal drug, and there are consequences to that behavior.

    You need to decide which is more important to you- the marijuana or the career.

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