Made it in!!

  1. I received my selection email yesterday! Will be starting my program in April. I can't wait.
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    Amazing! Good luck to you!
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    You go boy!! Congrats
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    Congratulations !!!!
  9. by   martha keaton
    Congratulations to you. I am on my way to my second semester (med-surge) of nursing, so allow me to give you a little bit of advice for fundamentals. Make sure you record your lectures because we only remember 30% of what we hear, and after several days, you may not be able to recall a lot of it when you go to take your exam. I didn't record my lectures for the first 3 exams and ended up getting 2 C's and a D, but as soon as I started recording them, I got A's and B's from thereon. Try not to miss any lecture days, but if you must, have another student record the lecture in your absence. Do not miss any clinical, because you will have to make up any that are missed, and if you don't pass clinical, you don't pass your nursing class; period! And read your book; I cannot stress this enough. Study groups are good, but I discovered that I studied best by myself, but you will find what works best for you and stick with that. Also utilize the ATI website, because it helps prepare you for your exams and clinical. And lastly, take advantage of any extra credit that may be offered to you, because it may make up the difference in that small percent you may need to pass if you are on the border line. I hope this helps you and I wish you luck with all your nursing classes.
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    Recording helped me a ton in A & P! I'll b recording for fundamentals!! Thx! I go back for term 2 in 2 weeks.
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    Thanks for the congrats and advice. I saw some fellow students recording lectures when I was doing my pre req's I think Ill give it a try.
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    don't forget the student assistance forum...there are many of us that linger there to offer help.