Light at the end of the tunnel

  1. 6 As i am writing this it is 0530 in New Mexico and I am getting ready for my 0600 clinical rotation. Smile friends!!!! We only have a few more weeks and we are done for the semester!!!
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    I know!!! Just 2 more weeks of class, then a month off and Christmas : )
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    I'm looking forward to sleeping!
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    In 48 hours, I will officially be done with nursing school, so yes, I can see the light!
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    Yes! Three more tests and a sim lab and I'm a free woman headed to Disney World!
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    I can't wait for that month off! I'm going to work a lot to make up for the time I was in school, but hopefully unwind and prepare myself for OB/Peds next semester! Only 2 more to go!
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    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Two more weeks and then I only have one semester left!!!!!!!!!
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    First post on the threads but I'm with all of you. 3 more finals next week and this one is done. Only 8-9 weeks of class next semester, 120hrs of internship, and then the NCLEX. The light is getting brighter every day.
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    Me, too, except I am in an accelerated BSN program I so took a LOA and go back in January. That pushes my end school date of July, but I can still graduate in June. I have been going to school straight since 2010 so I figure a break and an extra month isn't gonna kill me. I need to take a breather! But, yep, the light is getting brighter after every class is over!

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