Life, Death, and the Nurse In Between - page 3

He was an elderly patient, unresponsive and on comfort measures only, when I met him at 8:00am that morning. The staff had guessed based on his current state that he would pass away that evening, or... Read More

  1. by   Posh_Kammish
    Well written story. I've had my fair share of someone passing for I worked in a caregiving facility a few years back myself. There was my patient Sarah, she had Parkinson's Disease. She's the sweetest, she would ask me if I'm tired, if I wanted to eat, if I wanted to play Scrabble with her. It seemed like she's the only one who cares about us. Caregiving wasn't an easy job. But thanks to Miss Sarah, she makes me feel like I'm appreciated. The rest of the residents I took care of were wither Demented or confused. Not Ms. Sarah, she would oftentimes beat me at Scrabble and I would just have to reach out to the dictionary at most times. Sarah was a writer when she was younger. I believe at those times, she was 70+.

    Her family was very sweet to us too. I would listen to the hospice nurse taking care of her on her vital signs. She would give us updates on how she is in terms of her condition. Podiatrist visits here and there ttimming her nails on occassional visits.

    Sarah had several episodes on being almost gone, we would call on her nurses and give them updates.