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  1. Older Friends

    I am a little puzzled about your asking about this, because I am 67 and have friends that I see/hang out with/ etc/ of all ages, including one 92 year old and a few in their 20's. And, unlike what someone else commented, two of the friends in their ...
  2. What should I wear to pick up paperwork on my day off?

    Slacks and nice but casual sweater or top NOT scrubs, as has already been said here: I did that once and found myself agreeing to "work since you're already here and we need the help" even though I didn't really want to! Weak on my part, most defini...
  3. Blacklisted from HCA

    well said! Good point you make! HCA no doubt has a huge legal department so they can "afford" to be more obvious about it than most, I guess.
  4. Blacklisted from HCA

    You are exactly right: they want their cake and to eat it, too, Always have, always will. Not the best company to work for; they are ALL about the $ and not at all about their staff and not much about the patient.
  5. Blacklisted from HCA

    Hi, nursingsprettycool17, I know what you mean about HCA, I worked for them in hospitals for 34 years, here in Nashville, where their headquarters is located, they own almost everything in town, and I understand it's that way in other areas (li...
  6. Help. My clinical group dislikes me.

    I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. It is the nature of some humans (and some nurses, especially, it seems) to believe that excluding someone else and making them an "outsider" makes them feel more of an "insider". I am honestly not sure...
  7. Dr. Pimple Popper Thinks Nurses Have No Place Educating Patients

    You have a great attitude and are to be commended for it!
  8. Write up for patient pocketing pills

    WELL SAID! I am going to suggest you try submitting some articles to nursing journals, you write as well as you think and reason! Yes, yes, yes...we do teach others how to treat us. This reminds me....2 1/2 years ago I auditioned for a Christmas s...
  9. I worked in hospitals for 34 years (now part time in a nursing home), but for one year while I worked at the hospital, I was the every other weekend day supervisor for a moderate sized long term care place. One weekend I did laundry (not just folded...
  10. Write up for patient pocketing pills

    Best advice I have heard in a LONG time! Thank you! I have not had this exact situation happen to me, but have had a few similarly nit picky, vague things happen in my 36 year career and I have always reacted like a timid little fearful caught in th...
  11. COVID-19 ICU, The 12 Commandments for Front Line Clinicians

    Well, this is brilliant! So true about the two wars going on! I surely thank you for your reply and for the information. really appreciate it so much. So far no co-workers ill but one tested positive and was off for two weeks. We are now being tes...
  12. Time Management

    I need some good advice, please. I worked in a hospital setting (floor and MSICU) for 34 years, retired and went back to work in long term care. My floor/hall is a mix of 28 residents with differing degrees of dementia (though a few have no dementia...
  13. Misconceptions/truths about specialities

    I have floated to ambulatory from a floor and anyone who thinks that is nuts! Ambulatory is busy busy busy, pretty much like the floor, in my experience!
  14. New protocol - No report from ER to floor...

    Our hospital started something similar but not as bad - only 10 minutes notice but nothing official about no report, but still, many ER nurses bring the patient to the floor without calling report. Very bad situation, I agree.
  15. After an entire 34 year career with me, I could not agree more!