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  1. Etone LPN

    "I need to eat, I'm a diabetic!"

    Story from long ago . Once worked in a LTC facility. They were celebrating a resident's birthday with cake and ice cream. Had a few diabetic pts there. We served them the cake and ice cream knowing that we could control their glucose levels. Did the accu-checks later and realized that just a few needed slight insulin coverage. Bottom line ... It's ok to partake of the no-no's once in a while as long it is not done on a daily or even weekly basis. This was a rare celebration of 90 odd years ... Why say that our diabetics should be cast to the side. Why deprive diabetics of anything they should want as long as it is monitored and of couse with extreme moderation. "Let them eat cake".
  2. Etone LPN

    CNA: Best Career Path To Becoming A Nurse

    Lori ... Beautiful posting ... I did not just decide to become a nurse. Nursing or the higher being chose me. Not as glamourous a story as yours though. Early 70's or 80's i was unemployed, broke and between jobs when my sister and her friend asked that I give them a ride to a strip-mall educational center where we could take several courses. Sis said, since you are not doing anything now, you can take any course there. They were going for nursing assistant. I looked at what they had to offer ... Security guard, office specialist, data entry etc. I chose data entry since I had a typing class in high school. Found out that a pre-requisite was that I could type 60 words per minute with no mistakes. Best I could do was 40. Asked if I could change courses and they said yes. It was then that I told them that I wanted to take the nursing assisant class as my sis did as I cannot type fast enough for the other course. Have always loved biology in high school and everything just fell into place. I still cannot type fast, but I do love life. Bottom line: I did not choose nursing, it chose me. ER LPN for 25 years now and love my profession and never have had any regrets. Just that I could never type fast enough does not mean that I could never give quality pt care.
  3. Etone LPN

    What's you're best drug seeker?

    Heard this from one of our ER MDs. Pt. presents to ER with an obvious and real forearm fracture. Xray, casting, sling and script for pain med. Hydrocodone/Oxycodone ... whatever. Then leaves and apparently manages to remove the cast and presents to another ER to be treated for the same ... more xrays, casting and pain meds. Heard that there was a 3rd ER ... This man obviously had a plan. Just shows that some will go to any lenghts to get those meds.
  4. Etone LPN

    I'm not the doctor!

    "Just a nurse" ... This is my truth and payback with dealing with this. Entered a pt's room in our ER that had a non-emergent problem. As I walked in, she said "Hi doctor." I then told her that I was a nurse not realizing that "Dr Smith" was 1 step behind me and hearing her say that proclaimed, "No, I am the doctor ... He is "Just a nurse." Knowing that he was just "pushing my buttons" for a reaction. I chose not to stoop to that level or even respond to that comment. Later during her discharge when I gave her instructions, she said ... That doctor was rude saying that. Nurses do all the work. I explained to her that Dr. "Smith" and I work as a team, and the reason I did not respond to the comment was that it would only tick him off and that we had 10 more hours in our shift ... Told her that, by the way ... before Dr "Smith" went to med school he was actually ... "Just a nurse", also ... Pt laughed as I wished her the best. Bottom line ... You don't have to play that game, just have to know what the rules are.
  5. Etone LPN

    I've been a nurse since.....(fill in the blank)

    Wow! After reading these posts, I now realize just how long I've been doing this. Nursing Assistant since 1984 which required no state certification. Worked at the now torn down state mental institution for 4 years as a "Health Service Worker." (loved that job.) when the closed the doors I was hired by our local hospital 1989 as a "nursing assistant" when the state asked for certification. 20 days later our facility offered me the chance to enter the LPN program. No contract, just a verbal agreement for 2 years of service. They payed my tuition, books and even paid my nursing assistant wages when I went to school without even having to work. Back then there were no computers, everything written by hand and stuffed in those antique aluminum metal charts. Been there for 25 years now and if I could "do it all over" I would do the same as our hospital has always given me support. Nearing retirement now, I realize that I've been blessed. Love the profession that I've chosen and have absolutely no regrets.
  6. Etone LPN

    Short Circuit: Supraventricular Tachycardia for the Novice PICU Nurse

    Commendable post as I have learned much. First med of choice is usually adenosine in our facility. As a LPN, I cannot push IV meds, but we can initiate IV access. Over my many years I've converted 3 SVT pts during the IV insertion. Amazing what an 18 gauge in an anticubital vein can do. ... Oh, just return the adenosine to the Pyxis.
  7. Etone LPN

    Todays activity = "Childhood Memories"

    Back in the day we did not have an activity director on the LTC unit. All activities were done by the nurses. Todays activity was called "Childhood Memories" due to the fact that long term memory is much more clear than short term with elders. We would sit with each patient an ask about their happiest moments as a child. My patient was an elderly female with dementia. Name ... 'Delphia' ... 'fictional' ... I entered her room, introduced myself and said. Me ... Hi, I have some time before lunch time and thought we could talk about when we were kids. "I lived on a farm and worked in the garden and my dad and I would go fishing later." What kind of things did you do as a kid? Delphia ... I didn't have any friends. Mom was mean and made me clean the house. (At that point, tears began rolling from her eyes). Me ... I'm sorry. I did not mean to upset you. Delphia ... It's ok. Me ... Leaving the room I turned to her and said, "Surely Delphia, you must have had some sort of fun when you were young" Delphia ... Well yeah, until his wife found out! Me ... Left speechless, I said ... Lunch should be here soon.
  8. Etone LPN

    Mobile/Cell Phones at the bedside??

    Our facility has a "Limited Use" cell phone policy. I have never seen it in print, but staff have been warned that use of cells or tablets in pt care areas will be reprimanded. We can use them during breaks or in non-patient care areas. I do understand, and totally agree with this policy, as staff using personal electronic devices, may be viewed by patients and their families as, "Why am I here in pain and that nurse is over there is on their phone doing nothing about it"? ... "What are we waiting for"? ... You may be calculating a medication dose on your phone or using it for medical information, but as far as your patients or their family may know, it may be perceived by them that you are over there on Facebook, playing games, or some other (non-work related) app that you may have. On the other hand, I've had patients that are staring at, and texting on their phones as I am attempting to give them their discharge instructions with no acknowledgement even to my being there. This can steal moments that I can use for those that are critical and need my attention. In these cases, and with a smile, just say ... "Sorry I've interrupted, just let me know when your are ready for your discharge". Surprising how quick the cell usage ends and they are good to go.
  9. Etone LPN

    Life, Death, and the Nurse In Between

    Maggie. ER nurse here for 24 years ... Beautiful post as I see that you have the heart for your profession. Your clinical instructor was totally correct and your emotional response to this is quite normal. Without feelings or emotions we should not be in this profession. I am with you as I agree that the hard part is when the family arrives and the tears flow ... and, yes ... It is ok and appropriate to give a hug and share tears. Again ... Much appreciation for your contribution to this forum and wish you the best. Etone_
  10. Etone LPN

    Blond Woman goes back to work after 30yrs.

    Totally hilarious as I had a typing class in high school in 1968 and the typewriters were all manual.
  11. Etone LPN

    5 twelve hour shifts in a row?? Is it safe??

    Bortaz, I do understand and feel that working 6 12's in a row is not safe practice. Did that about 2 years ago when a new LPN left our ER to find employment elsewhere. Nothing mandatory here. I offered to "pick up the slack". First 4 days went well but as far as the last two, I found myself becoming short tempered and irritable to anything happening around me. Barking at my co-workers and biting my tongue when dealing with my pt's, I realize now that it is not safe practice. Just doing what I could to fill the holes in the schedule. Much respected RN told me " Toney, you have the next 2 days off ... if you answer your phone ... I will kick your @zz. Never again, as without a reprieve, we are opening the door to sub-standard pt care.
  12. Etone LPN

    Charting Bloopers

    May not have been incorrect charting as foley catheters have been used in a pinch to control intractable epistaxis. I have heard of this practice before but have not seen it used. Makes sense though as a foley inserted into the nose and the balloon advanced to the source of the bleed, the balloon inflated would compress the vessels controlling the bleed. Medscape: Medscape Access Another application of the foley catheter is ... a #30 fr. foley catheter can be used to replace a G-tube that a patient has yanked out. Have done this twice myself. Pt never missed a feeding! Do understand that the practice of using urinary catheters would be a big "no no" now for these purposes due to liability factors, as this is not what the manufacturer intended. Would look funny seeing that documented in the nursing notes though ... :-)
  13. Have been an ER LPN in our rural hospital for 22 years now. No problems as far as the delegation of duties as I respect the knowledge and imput of our RNs and our physicians. As far as the duties, much has changed over the years at our facility. Old days ... LPNs could do the initial assessment of any pt. presenting to the ER as well as discharge instructions. We mixed their meds, titrated "critical drips", we inserted Ng tubes, as well as placement of those who pulled out their G-tubes. Only thing we could never do was IV push meds or initiate blood products. Today ... Initial assessment of a pt. must be done by a RN. No more of any of the above, can still do IV access (rule in that dept.) as this is my forte. Discharge instructions can still be done by an LPN, but even the replacement of a g-tube must be done by a physician and not an RN ... Never understood any of the reasoning or dynamics behind this, but yet this question ... "Why the waste of skill and talents?" Both RNs and LPNs are accountable under their licensure? Guess I will have to wait and see what they say next week?
  14. Etone LPN

    I understand

    Middle aged lady presented to our ER triage walking with a slight limp and complaint of low back pain with pain in her left leg for 2 days. I inquired as to whether she had injured it somehow to which she replied "No, I have had this before and my doctor told me it was my psychotic nerve". Smiling, I said ... I understand. We will see what we can do to help you.