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Are you required to buy a lab coat for your program? I'm really just curious because it never crossed my mind that I would need one, and I've never seen a nurse wearing one. Do you wear it for clinicals? I'm just a little... Read More

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    We are required to purchase them; I haven't started the program yet so I don't know exactly what all we will be wearing them for but I do know that we wear business dress with the lab coat for mental health clinicals.

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    We also had to purchase lab coats for our program. I guess I'll find out more about why during orientation next month.
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    We were required to purchase them. The only time I've ever worn it was during our head to toe practicum for Health Assessment, where it was required. We don't go to the hospital the night before for clinical prep, and the hospital floors I've been on have generally been too warm to wear it around all day.
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    In my program we had the option to purchase lab coats, but they weren't required. No one ever wore one, so I doubt anyone even bought one. Not sure what clinical prep is either because we never had that. Our assignments and patient reports were given to us when we showed up for clinical.
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    We need to have one (there is a choice between two styles that the bookstore offers), but I'm not sure yet when we will need to wear them....guess I'm going to find out when classes start next month.
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    My program required that we have lab coats. We had to wear them to the for lab classes and in the simulation lab. They were also optional on the floor in clinical if we were cold.
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    In our program we are required to go the the hospital the day before our clinical session and get out patient assignment. We are to look at the pt's charts and learn everything we can about why they are there, their current care planning, procedures they have had done or are planned, and look up all of their medications. Then we go home and do a write up on the patient that we must show to our clinical instructors prior to the start of the next day's clinical session. The write up includes our nursing diagnoses for the pt and our planned interventions. Of course this can change by the time we get to clinical (the pt's condition may change or they may get discharged), but this is what we are required to do in our program.
    We are allowed to wear street clothes when we go to the hospital to do this (business professional) but we are required to wear our lab coats to identify us as students.
    This is what I meant by clinical prep.
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    We had to purchase one also. We used them for clinical prep, for simulations, and for attending a few seminars.
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    In my program we have lab coats. We have to wear them when we wear our uniforms. So we wear them for lab, clinical prep, and clinical days. Once we are on our clinical floor we can remove them, but if we leave the floor we have to wear them. I hate lab coats. We have to wear white ones and they look like the doctors lab coats at my hospital. A lot of the guys in my class have been ask if they were doctors.
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    We're allowed to wear a lab coat over our street clothes in lieu of scrubs for sim lab only. Otherwise, we have to wear the standard uniform. I have a lab coat from completing my phlebotomy certification, so I'll just use that on sim lab days.

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