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Spring break is almost over and I feel like I've accomplished nothing. I needed to get caught up on my studying, take ATI exams, work on a paper, etc.... and instead, I've been reading fiction,... Read More

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    I ended up getting 8 pages of work and one ATI practice test done today. Good enough I guess. It wasn't a complete waste. I had to schedule this work around my nap, but hey, I got it done.
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    We're on spring break now and I actually have NCLEX 3500 question open in another tab. I'm regularly sleeping in, but still trying to get 2-3 hours of studying in.
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    I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish over spring break. I slept in, I played outside with my kids, I cooked nice meals for a change, and I spent time with my hubs and friends. Time well spent

    Then I spent the next week run ragged trying to catch up :-)
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    I did nothing over spring break and I'm playing catch up this week and it sucks... But boy I sure did enjoy sleeping in and hanging out with my kids
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    My break the second week of march. I was forced to study because I had a med-surg test the Monday we came back. I felt like I had no break at all!! :/
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    Basically, I told myself that during Spring Break, I would say, "What nursing school?"
    I was fortunate to not have any big papers/assignments/reading to do over break, so it has worked out pretty well. I've slept in, read FOR PLEASURE, had movie marathons and will be spending the weekend with my sister and brother in law in Virginia Beach!
    Don't beat yourself up over using this time to relax and unwind!
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    It's my spring break now
    I've written 2 papers, and studying for health assessment, dosage calculations and Parenteral medication for a check off.

    I need a break from my break.
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    UUhh oh lol I hope this week (my break) I'll be able to hold myself to being at least a little productive. It's just sooo hard when there's nothing due right now to force yourself to study and get things done; I know I'll regret not getting enough done though if I drop the ball (sooo much to do in these next couple weeks)!! I think a little personal time is good for the soul and brain though

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