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I just want honest opinions on whether or not you would consider this to be cheating. Advice, suggestions, etc. welcome. So it is obviously far from possible to offer classes one time for every... Read More

  1. by   LLL01
    Yes, I 100% would consider this cheating. Anytime you have an advantage on a test and whatever advantage isn't offered to everyone (ie teacher saying everyone can use notes on a test) then I could consider that cheating.
  2. by   iluvivt
    Yes! absolutely this violates the principles of academic integrity. These will be the nurses in the real world that will likely not report that they have have administered an incorrect dose,not take responsibility for their actions in the workplace and not know the appropriate nursing action to take. They are cheating themselves,their future patients and their future employers. It is actually quite disgusting. Stick by what is will serve you well and you can actually be proud when you earn your degree and RN license
  3. by   Kimynurse
    Be the student, and the nurse you want to be.
    Karma will take care of the rest.
  4. by   tripp3horn
    Yes, it is cheating. And at my school my instructors have said that if we know of any cheating going on that it is our moral responsibility to let them (the instructors) know of the cheating. They compared it to witnessing dishonest behavior while working.. would you want somebody who cheated during nursing school to be your nurse?

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  5. by   Sadala
    We've been spoken to about that exact behavior and told that if we engage in it we will be kicked out for academic dishonesty. If people ask me about a test, the most I will ever say is something like, "Yep, it was something." Then I walk away.
  6. by   CT Pixie
    We had to sign a paper that stated that we were informed that talking or writing about any quiz, test/exam etc with anyone at any time (students in the class or not) is considered cheating and we would be 'punished' as such.

    Even talkin amongst ourselves right after we did a quiz or test was prohibited. There was none of the "oh question 9 really confused me...I thought it was B...what did you put?" outside the class.

    To me, the situation you are discussing is 100% cheating. And my question is why would anyone who put time, blood, sweat and tears into studying for an exam...then turn around and give all the answers to someone else so that they may obtain the same or better grade with ZERO effort??
  7. by   ProfRN4
    Absolutely cheating. And kudos to the boneheads who are giving the questions (and possible answers) away. While it shouldn't be a competition to see which section does better, it is clearly making the earlier sections look less competent and prepared for the exams.
  8. by   cathering
    I hate when this happens to me! I understand what difficult position ure in since u seem to be losing friends. But ur moral/ethical instincts are correct! Follow ur instincts and shrug it off. In the end they'll get what they deserve. Kudos to u for getting the points the RIGHT way!