Is a double major possible?

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    Hey everyone!

    I just got accepted into the nursing program at USC upstate here in South Carolina. I'm finishing up some prerequisites right now, but I'll begin my nursing classes in January 2012. I was wondering if any current nurses or nursing students have gotten a double major or a minor while pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing. I've been speaking to my adviser about this, and she told me that she has never heard of anyone in the nursing school pick up a double major or minor because everyone is pretty overwhelmed with the nursing classes by themselves. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    I was also wondering if you need to be an official graduate in order to get your RN license. I was thinking that if I decide to go ahead with a double major, then maybe I could finish all of my nursing classes while simultaneously taking a few other major classes. THEN, after finishing the nursing program and completing all the degree requirements, I could get my nursing license and then finish up the remaining classes for my other major while working. Would this work?

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!


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    With nursing, it's not just the class/lecture hours- you have clinical hours- that are different in each school.

    Most nursing students that I've known do ONLY nursing classes during the school year; they do the other classes JUST for nursing during the summer, or before nursing clinicals start.

    I'll be interested in the replies, too
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    I admire your eagerness. May I suggest just one year, doing just nursing before you decide? You have no idea of the stress that will be placed upon you, let alone know how you will feel about that second minor or major in a year or two. When declaring a second major or a minor, you have more than a year to decide as nursing core curriculum will encompass your life. Just experience in the process, trying to prevent you from burn out before you even practice. Simple words now, reality shorty.
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    I would say probably not. My school wouldn't even allow us to add a LANGUAGE to our schedules never mind a major/minor. I did compete in a Div1 varsity sport and that took A LOT of commitment to both and a lot of compromising, I would miss a practice for a class, miss a class for a competition, I had it worked out with teachers and coaches and was allowed to do this because I kept a 4.0 gpa. But it was a lot of work with 3-4 hours a day of added practices on top of classes/homework/clinicals and I missed out on a lot of sleep, and other general college activities but I think even had I not had a sport keeping up with nursing classes was a full time job, and at my school a lot of classes were 3-4 hours long so that we had whole days for clinical...most other classes won't fit into that kind of schedule.
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    also might I ask...what other major are you looking into? and are you planning on using it with your nursing career? If you are unsure of nursing you might want to get that figured out first before trying to do two difficult majors
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    Not to my knowledge. Nursing school is very intense. Classes are topping off with clinical. You barely have a normal life including loosing some sleeps too until pinning day. That is based on from my personal experience.
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    I am currernlty in a bsn program for nursing where alot of us are minoring in psychology, I take the classes I need for my minor during the lighter semesters since some semesters only have 2 classes so depending on your course work yes minoring is possible. As far as double majoring that may be a little tougher depending on what you major in.
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    Yeah, you could probably minor without a lot of problem. Math or something especially time consuming would be obviously harder. A double major in something like that would take some serious time. If you wanted to major in civil engineering and nursing, as an example, you could probably kiss the next seven years of your life goodbye. I'd say it's not worth it to double major. Psychology, as another mentioned, is a hugely popular major and minor and think often so because it's generally not very hard, and since a lot of people take it the classes are usually offered enough to accomodate interested persons.
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    I'm currently a pre-nursing student (2 more semesters!) and I'm minoring in psychology along with my BSN. But I'm taking all of my psych classes before I start my BSN program so my course load won't be so heavy during nursing school. I can't see how a double major in nursing and something else would work. With lecture, labs, clinicals, and the crazy amount of studying that is would be a mistake. You would be so overwhelmed and you would probably not have enough time to devote to both majors. They don't even recommend working during nursing school, let alone taking a whole other curriculum! If your really want to do it, I suggest making that 2nd major a minor and taking most of the classes needed before you start nursing school.
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    I was in a part time nursing program, 1 day of instruction and 2 days of clinicals per week, and managed to take other classes concurrently. However, I did not work and have an extremely supportive family that took care of all the house hold chores etc. It was HARD but very doable. I also should mention that the first year of nursing school was much easier compared to the second, so if you are able to successfully do both the first year it may not be the same case the following year. Good luck to you

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