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What can I do if I think a nursing instructors is out to get me? I think I must have made someone upset without knowing it or meaning to do it. Apparently politics is much much worse than I thought it could be in nursing... Read More

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    You've got a target on your back now. Be very careful what you say and do from now on. Good luck!

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    Me personally, I would clear the air with the instructor. Apologize for the misunderstanding. Take it as a lesson learned and from here on out always go straight to the source of whoever you have the problem with. Instructors are going to tend to stand up for each other, just as students tend to do the same.
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    Resolution: To anyone that may find themselves in a similar situation. I followed the advice of some people on here and decided to clear the air by talking and apologizing for any misunderstanding. I would say that in the end, this situation proved much easier to resolve than I had anticipated and I was probably a little on the paranoid side of things in thinking that the professor was looking to scalp me. Although I did find out that the instructor was upset with me, he was much relieved to learn that I knew enough to apologize for inadvertently hurting his pride as a professor. (A mistake i'm not likely to repeat again) This was one experience I can simply chalk up to failure to keep my opinions to myself as a nursing student.
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    Discretion seems like a lost art, and yet, in this age of going public with everything and everyone, it's more necessary than ever.

    Thank you, OP, for being mature enough to own your mistakes and make the effort to clear the air. And thank you for sharing your example. I hope the rest of your student career is a positive experience.
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    Major thumbs up for approaching it head on and admitting your mistake. Chalk that up to lesson learned!
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    Well done! I am sure this is a lesson that will serve you very well in life and not too costly to you to boot. Thanks for coming back with an update. Very few have the courage to do so.
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    Good job. You did the right thing ... and it worked well for you.

    Good luck with the rest of school.
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    Well done!

    It's funny, before nursing school..I was really worried that my fellow students would be catty, gossipy, and cliquey. I was pleased to find very little of this.

    However, I was shocked to find this behavior rampant among the professors and instructors! Kiss up (yes I'm cringing as I'm writing this but it's necessary) to get the recs you'll need, but they are not your allies!
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    I am very proud of you for speaking with your instructor, it is not the easiest task. I would recommend working extra hard in that class to prove your seriousness towards the program. Again, congratulations!
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    People call me a "kiss-ass". I'm not a kiss-ass. I'm a student that enjoys learning. If I don't like how an instructor is doing something usually it is because I'm not used to doing things their way (even if their way is STUPID). Approach him and tell him that you were complaining because yes you don't like how he is doing things because it isn't how you are used to doing things. Tell him he is a good teacher because he is different but since you've had him it's made you struggle but it's made you grow as a critical thinker. Make him realize what you are complaining about is the material content's complexity and not his teaching (even if it is!!!). He will be more willing to help you especially if you appear honest (and are honest) in your willingness to learn.


    Be honest and not defensive with him. That will make him have respect for you!!

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