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I'm lost without nursing school!

  1. 0 I finished my LPN program and I am getting pinned on Thursday night.

    After making nursing school my life for an entire year I have no idea of what to do with myself.

    I am reading a novel right now and catching up on T.V shows.

    I have already completed all of my paperwork for my license (mailed off last Friday) and registered for NCLEX-PN. I have already set up my study schedule for after the kiddo goes to bed around 8pm every night.

    I don't have a job to go to till I take boards and I feel so lost.

    It's like I don't even know how to relax anymore because I am used to the constant stress of school.

    I am going to start Excelsior in January but I can't really do anything until I pass my LPN boards.

    Sigh, I have waited for this day for months and now I am bored!

    Lol, I think I am an adrenaline junky or a sucker for punishment. :trout:
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    I know what you mean. I'm on break and keep feeling like I need to study something. Give yourself a few weeks to settle down and you'll be fine. Many congratulations and good luck on your boards. Jules
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    How about the LPN to RN bridge?
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    Congratulations and good luck on the NCLEX-PN! It's okay to take a break - you've earned it!

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    Got it covered!

    I start Excelsior in January!

    Thanks for the well wishes everyone....maybe I should go party this weekend or something.

    Quote from natrgrrl
    How about the LPN to RN bridge?
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    Yeah, go have fun. It does consume so much of who we are, it's a hard habit to break. Your break is short lived so you might as well enjoy it.
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    I have been partying every weekend since I been out of school and it's been wonderful. I start back in January for my last and final semester, but when I get out I think I'm just going to enjoy life!!!!!!!!!!!!