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I'm a emotional wreck. I'm a 1st semester nursing student and I already feel like I'm failing. As someone who has a passion for healthcare, I'm feeling my goal is not going to be acheived..why?... Read More

  1. by   dope a mine
    It's one thing knowing the material, but its a whole other thing knowing how to take these tests. As someone else recommended, I would DEFINITELY get a test success book. Maybe a fundamentals and a med surg one. Half the time you spend studying should be using those. Read all the rationales and know why each option is right/wrong. These tests are really testing us on our critical thinking skills. We can memorize all the facts we want, but part of being a nurse is critical thinking, and that's not something we learn from just studying material. Cheer up, I think once you start improving on your test taking skills, you will see a major improvement.
  2. by   bug2621
    First of all, you are not dumb and no one is smarter than you. Others have just picked up the system faster! So I'm going to give you the same advice I gave my classmates....you know too much. Let me explain....Nursing school tests are critical thinking tests that build on your knowledge base. The problem is if you have too much knowledge it can trick your critical thinking. For instance, if you are studying areas that your instructors don't cover or isn't listed in your syllabus you are wasting time. For instance, for pharmacology my friend would try to memorize everything about the drug, yet my instructor focused only on the purpose, common side effects, nursing interventions and patient teaching. My suggestion is to take notes during lecture and read only those areas in the book and focus on that. Once you have done that get yourself a good nclex book and PRACTICE! I promise you that you can't get better if you don't practice them AND read the rationales! I highly recommend Saunders comprehensive review book b/c it will take you through nursing school and give you the meat and potatoes of everything you need to know. It also has a ton of nclex questions. Also remember Maslow and your ABCs. Remember that airway is greater than breathing which trumps circulation. Think Maslows...a person that that has a physical problem will always come before someone with safety or psychosocial issues. Lastly, think about the nursing process...as a nurse what is the first thing we do? Assess!! Is there an assessment choice on your test? Does it make sense to do this assessment ? If so it's a good chance that could be your answer. Also, don't change your answers...unless you know without a shadow of a doubt that your answer is wrong leave it alone! If you start think "what if" or " maybe" stop and go with you gut because there is a reason you picked this first.

    Good luck and knock em dead!
  3. by   SilenceintheLibrary
    You can do it! You just need to find your learning style and use that. Some people are visual learners and use charts, some are better with hearing info and use tape recorders. But do not get discouraged! We had a girl just like you in our first trimester who was failing even worse than you, she was so stressed and upset. But she figured out her learning style and now she keeps getting 100s on the tests! I know I prefer flashcards, but it was all way too much material to have time to make them all and really study them, so now I make charts. I also really like the memory handbook for nurses, lots of visual aids for remembering things. GOOD LUCK!!
  4. by   Luckyyou
    by MC do you mean med calculations?
  5. by   SleeepyRN
    It really sounds like you're struggling with answering nclex style questions. Others have suggested it, and I will too. The book I recommend besides Saunders (which is great and has tons of questions on CD) is Lippincotts NCLEX Q&A. The more you practice NCLEX style questions, the better you will get. Lippincott gives you thousands of questions and rationales for why the answers are correct and incorrect. I recommend reading the rationales even for the questions you get right. Often, you will learn something extra, or even find out you answered it right for the wrong reasons. When taking these practice questions, don't get discouraged at getting answers wrong. Its all about getting the practice. You have to practice and condition your mind to think a certain way to answer these questions correctly.
  6. by   Jennybrie
    It's been said already but I can't stress enough that you need to learn how to take tests just as much as the material in them. NCLEX has all the right answers and you have to be able to pick the best answer. I understand that you are frustrated about taking tests but the reality of nursing school is that you will be taking many many tests that are very similar to the NCLEX. In the end all the effort will be for nothing if you are unable to take the NCLEX after graduating. These tests are designed to test not just what you know but your critical thinking as well. It takes time but you'll get the hang of it eventually.

    Good Luck!!
  7. by   Tait
    Any issues with dyslexia? I know I had to use note cards occasionally to cover the other questions while I was working on one to keep from getting the information crossed.
  8. by   Live.&.Learn
    listen to runsalot...read test for success and other resources. This is a whole new line of testing than what we were use to and you have to learn how to answer the questions. DON'T GIVE UP, go to your instructor, go to the head of the department, there is help out there you just have to find it. I know it's frustrating to watch the bad grades keep rolling in. What has helped me the most is to read what I can, get a basic grasp of the material and spend the rest of the time practicing questions from test for success, ATI, NCLEX review books and the evolve website that goes with my text book. Do the questions, read the rationales and do the questions again...GOOD LUCK, you can do this...I know it's frustrating and it seems like they are out to get you, but learning to do the questions teaches you to think critically and look at each situation from a nursing perspective...hang in there
  9. by   StudentOfHealing
    You CAN do it. A test CANNOT determine how good someone will be as a nurse. You know what I see? I see a strong individual with perseverance! You aren't making excuses, that's awesome. You admit its YOU who has a temporary issue with these tests and you have identified there is an issue. Yes... Standardized test really ... Quite frankly suck but YOU need to step it up.

    You need to first of...

    Identify that there's an issue.

    Identify THE issue.



    And evaluate!

    Does this sound familiar? Its the nursing process...

    My point is we critically think everyday every second.

    Listen to positive music. Encouraging music. Motivational music.

    If you believe in a higher power, ask ... Ask God/Universe to enlighten your mind.

    Lastly... Don't put too much pressure on yourself.

    Take breaks when you study. Relax. Order yourself some good food. Give yourself 2 hours of me time. Watch some mindless television. Do a hobby.

    I can tell you are a fighter and you are just anxed.... This shows you are human..that's all.

    You are resourceful! You came to AN for support. You got this.

    Dream it.
    Believe it.
    Gain confidence.
    Do it!
  10. by   MissRN2013
    Find a study group! It helps to talk out the material!