I'm exhausted: This feels impossible )-: - page 3

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I'm really tired and I desperately want to go to bed but I have so much work to do! I got assignments out the wazoo this week and I need to read about 150 pages by tomorrow morning. I also have a care plan due on Thursday for... Read More

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    i ju st graduated from RN school and i have felt that way many times. i never realized someone could be that tired and still be alive. i can see many why .. many years ago people died from exhaustion.. when i got as tired as you .. i used to just go to bed.. it's hard to remember anything when you are to tired to read it... i had a very messy house for a year.. and after awhile i just pushed some of it aside and said forget it..lol now i am graduated studying for boards and my house looks much better...lol.. you will be in my prayers .. hang in there.. it all works out in the end