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Ideas for Gift for nursing instructors??

  1. 0 just wondering if anybody had any "unique & creative" ideas about what our class can give our nursing instructors??
    in the past, i know some of the classes gave a plaque with their names (students) or a picture of the class. i want to do something more creative, to express our appreciation as a whole. thanks for your input!!!
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    we've given gift certificates. one to the school spa, one for a massage, one for a nice restaurant.
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    a trophy! (just kidding)

    some things I've gotten were plants and candy. one year I had mentioned that I like butterfinger candy bars...I got a big one from each student at the end of the year! That surely made me smile.
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    If it's a bad nursing instructor, I have had unfortunate experiences in that arena, then you should begift them a lump of coal.
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    With bad clinical instructors, tell them to go back to nursing and get out of education.
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    A swift kick in the pants! My nursing instructors were EVIL!
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    Some of my students have given me gift cards to Bath and Body Works, Tim Horton's (coffee) or Starbucks
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    gosh, all of my nursing instructors were great!! that's why we would like to do something very special.
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    Honestly we did that too in nursing school, gave the instructors gifts. I think it is completely inappropriate that they accept gifts if you ask me. And yes I have taught at the college levels. I have never ever seen another career track where poor students buy instructors a gift at the end of the semester. It is truely absurd but completely expected. Nursing needs to get into the 21st century. I am amazed that the universtiy continues to allow the instructors to take gifts.
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    We did gift certificates for restaraunts or a spa as well.

    I personally don't think it's ridiculous or inappropriate to give a clinical instuctor who is spending 20 hours a week interacting on a very personal level, putting thier liscense on the line for the purpose of you education a small gift AFTER grades have been turned in. Granted, my clinicals were pass/fail, so we didn't even get a letter grade from those instructors. I also never felt obligated to buy a gift for an instructor either. I also know a couple of my friends with completely different majors did buy gifts for some of the instructors who they had smaller group experiences with.
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    Gift cards are a great idea. I have also seen coffee-themed baskets, or other treats.

    But in addition to the tangible items, consider having each member of the group write a personal note telling what you appreciate about her. The teachers I know keep these written messages long after the other goodies have disappeared.
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    great answers
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    We usually all pitch in 10 dollars or so each, buy our clinical instructor a thank you card, and a mani/pedi at the salon. Then we also all pitch in 2 or 3 dollars each and buy the floor we have been "working" on doughnuts the last day of clinical.