I passed nursing school!

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    So thankful it's over and I've passed! NOW the craziness starts with studying for the NCLEX. I have a job interview tomorrow. I'm so excited and nervous!! I am praying I get this job and then can JUST worry about the NCLEX instead of trying to get a job too!

    This semester has been so hard. I did terrible on the first test of the semester and had to fight all semester long to bring my grade up to passing and then to a B. BUT I did it! So, don't lose hope after a bad test! It can be done.
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    Congratulations! Good luck on your interview and on the NCLEX!
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    Congrats to you . I have had an awful semester but I passed.. one more to go for me Hugs and good luck on the nlcex !
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    Congrats!!!! That is very exciting about graduating and about the job interview. Good luck on the interview and NCLEX
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    Want to switch? I only have 5 semesters to go! lol
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    Not in a million years, Miiki! I think I'd go
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    I love hearing these stories! Congratulations!
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    That's awesome! Good luck on your interview! I recently passed my nclex 2 weeks ago. Hands down, one of the best feelings in the world!
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    Congrats!! All your hard work can now be put to the test for real! Good luck on NCLEX and your interview!
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    Congratulations!!! Good luck with the NCLEX

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