I love my program so far!

  1. Anyone else here Luck out was really nice instructors?
    Mine spent a lot of orientation telling us how they were there to support us, they will give constructive criticism but will never put us down or yell at us. They also swore that they didn't sit around making a test laughing maniacally about how to make it so hard will never pass lol. I hope it's true LOL
    Anyone else get a really good feeling off the bat? My classmates are also super nice.
    Good luck to everybody!
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  3. by   rubato
    I had the same feeling at orientation. And, after a semester, I can say that it stuck. My instructors were fantastic. Of course, they were tough as could be, but constructive about it. I couldn't be happier.
  4. by   nadia_2013
    My orientation starts on Monday so I will keep you posted. I hope I get the same luck as you did! Good luck throughout the semester!! Congrats also!
  5. by   Stephalump
    Great! So glad you're getting off to such a positive start! I love my program as well. All the stress and struggle is so much easier to handle when you know the staff is rooting for you and willing to do whatever to help you succeed
  6. by   CardiacKittyRN
    Thats awesome!! I love when people post about the positive, rather than negative aspects of nursing school. I'm in my 4th semester and can say I've really lucked out! All my clinical instructors have been great (some classmates weren't so lucky) and we've only had one "bad" teacher. She was unorganized, read straight from the powerpoints, and could never give a straight answer to a question. Good luck & hope your experience stays positive
  7. by   Camwill
    I also believed I lucked out with my school. I did do a lot of research before deciding to go here. My instructors are awesome!!! They are hard but will help you till you are satisfied. My classmates are awesome also! We started with 42 and are down to 39. I wont say it is the instructors fault but I will say nursing school is hard!
  8. by   pixiestudent2
    I think I lucked out on my school, it has it's problems but you couldn't pay me to go through some of tbe programs I read about on here.
  9. by   Melela
    Mine continues to be excellent. We lost one so we are down to 29 now. The instructors keep telling us how they're there to support us and make sure we succeed. Love it! I'm tired but worth it :-)
  10. by   ORnurseCT
    I've had some decent instructors, but this semester my clinical instructor is the best!! This is our preceptorship and 4 client rotation so I am glad I got a good one for this semester where it's make it or break it time!!
  11. by   WantToBeMidwife
    I love mine too! They are hard, and no funny-business, but are there for us and can tell they really want us to succeed!! I am two weeks in and am over the butterflies, now i'm just tired LOL!
  12. by   tiberius1724
    Just finished my first week and I'm enjoying my program so far. My instructors are great and seem to care about everyone's success. Looking forward to clinicals! Should be interesting. Best of luck to everyone this semester.