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This is from a document I post for my students at the start of clinical. Doing any of these things will probably result in failing clinically. Remember, we faculty have wide leeway in making a... Read More

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    I am old enough to remember when the hospital school of nursing students in my town had to wear girdles. No jiggling, you know. This was also, of course, before pantyhose were invented. And they had to kneel on the floor and if their skirt hems didn't touch the floor, they were in big trouble.

    Other than the misspellings, I am in complete agreement with this. This is exactly how it works in most schools; faculty do take it seriously. Students will ignore it at their peril. And we do know that some will ignore it, and then we'll have them whining here.
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    Don't show up for your Mental Health rotation at the VA dressed like this:

    You'll definitely fail clinical... unless you get choked out from behind first.

    On a serious note, a nursing school dressed their students in all black scrubs, and groups of them walking together at the VA unwittingly triggered some PTSD reactions.
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    These are my guidelines, which reflect a combination of the student handbook, honor code, and course syllabi. It also includes language form out clinical evaluation tool, which spells out other failing behaviors (safety, communication, critical thinking, preparation). Students are juniors in a BSN program with max two patients. This is OB, so I gather some data for them, and they have about 30-40 minutes more to review the chart, etc.
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    Thanks for the correction
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    from, not form. I am tired--two long days in a row.
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    The students need clear cut guidelines of the expectations. Nothing wrong with that.

    I remember WHITE shoes only a certain kind. Hair up and off the collar. Cap in the carrier worn ONLY INDOORS. White or blue sweater. White panty hose at ALL times. No nail polish. 1 necklace if it was a cross. Wedding bands only not rings with stones. A watch with a second hand allowed on the wrist but preferred pinned to your shirt. Uniforms only if matching and actual uniforms. Pants allowed but not preferred. NO earrings, no perfume minimal lipstick allowed...nothing flashy. White underwear.

    I went to a regular college in the late seventies....don't you think I stood out? My CI used to carry white shoe polish and if you were scuffed you polished.

    There are things about those days I miss.....and things I don't (wink)
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    Quote from hopeful_27
    Another one to add:

    Do not fall asleep while at clinical!
    And don't show up hungover and smelling like a well used bar rag.
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    I take no issues with those guidelines. I wish clinical instructors were required to follow the same or be dismissed. Especially punctuality and respectfulness.
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    Clinical shoes should NEVER be worn outside of the clinical area!!! NO WAY do I want to take that stuff home to my family!

    Quote from DebblesRN
    In my second year of Nursing school, we were required to park in a mulch lot at one of our clinical sites. It had rained all night. the mulch lot was a muddy slush lot. I had some mud on my shoes and on the cuff area of my pants near my ankles. I was nearly sent home about it. Yelled at and embarrassed in front of the entire class until several others pointed out we had parked in a muddy bog and their shoes looked as bad or worse than mine. There was no apology from the instructor, just an assurance that if it happened again I would be dismissed. I eventually had to make a visit to the dean to get her to stop, and I wasn't the only one who had to make that visit.

    If you make your students park in a quagmire, expect dirty shoes.

    I guess I am saying that it would have been nice if some of my instructors had used common sense when enforcing some of their "rules."
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    Oh Amen to that! One clinical rotation I had the facility CLEARLY stated that acrylic nails were an absolute no-no. AS was the schools policy. My instructor had the most beautiful set of acrylics...

    Quote from JenniferJuniper
    I take no issues with those guidelines. I wish clinical instructors were required to follow the same or be dismissed. Especially punctuality and respectfulness.
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