How hard is college level Chemistry?

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    All I hear is how killer hard it is. Is it mostly math and what level is your math in college (college level algebra, intermediate, etc??)

    I am thinking of taking an Intro to Chem class before College Chemistry but wanted to hear what you all had to say about it from your experiences.

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    I'm getting ready to take Intro to Chem this quarter (first class is tomorrow night! Eep! ) This is all that is required for our ADN program.

    I've looked through the books & I don't see that it will be too difficult. I took Chem in high school, but that was 17 years or so ago. I'm hoping that I'll remember a little of it, which might help.

    For the intro class I'm taking all you needed to have math-wise was basic math (known at our school as DEV math). On my placement test I placed higher than that (to algebra), so I don't have to take the DEV math course before I take chem. That alone tells me that it shouldn't be too difficult math-wise. (Hopefully I'm right in that assumption!)

    Ask me later this week & I'll let you know if I was right! :chuckle

    I'd probably start with the Intro to Chem anyway if I had to take a regular college chem class. If for nothing else but to refresh my brain.

    Good luck!
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    Having Chemistry in high school helps a lot. The difficulty of the course varies from place to place--and teacher to teacher. I took it back in 1988 from a monster of a teacher...the class was HARD. I had to retake it for nursing school at a different college, and it was pretty easy.
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    I agree having it in high school helps. I took two years of chem in high school (cause I liked it...shh, don't tell anyone), and when I got to college, I didn't learn a thing new in Chem. In other words, if a high school kid can do it, so can you! It's not mostly math, but of course being comfortable with math/equations helps. I took Calculas in high school and college.

    You'll be fine.
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    I never had a day of chem in high school, and I took college chem when I was 33! I got a C, almost had a B by a few points, so I thought that was pretty good. Take really good notes, read the book, and you should be fine. If I can do it, anyone can, I have always been really bad at things like that!!
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    I never had Chem. in high school. Took an intro course last semester (and I'm 48). It was fascinating, but a lot to remember. I don't know if I would call it 'difficult' it was more a matter of taking up a lot of time. Good luck!
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    Taking Chemistry now! It's a 50/50! The actual labs have been easy, I have received 100 on each of them so far! It's the actual test that I have found to be tricky! What I have learned is that chemistry is practice, practice, practice!!! To me it's Algebra just in a science format! I happen to stink at math, so the actual course has been a lot more challenging, and I have had to devote more study time to the class! However, I received an 80 on my last test, and plan on at least getting a 70 on my next one! LOL

    Good Luck and feel free to ask me any other questions!

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    Every mathematical problems are hard if you do not know the formulas. Chemistry has a lot of formulas to remember. But the math involve are mostly division and multiplication. So it's not that hard.
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    I never took chem in HS, and took it my 1st semester of college(and got an A), after not being a student for 5 years. If you are willing to take the time to study, you'll do great!
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    I had chemistry in highschool ( did poorly) and when I went to nursing school at age 30, I got an A. I had taked an intermediate algebra course the semester before. it helped since I had been out of school so long. I also liked chem... 'course I had a great Prof, and better study habits
    You'll do fine

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