How do you take NOTES in class during Nursing Scool?

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    I am starting Nursing School in January and I am trying to figure out how to take notes once classes start. I have a windows 8 laptop and would like to do all my note taking on the laptop. During pre-nursing I used to see students taking notes on their computers and iPads and tablets all the time. I have no idea how they do it and I have never taken notes on my computer before. My typing speed is okay... not too bad. So my question to all fellow students is exactly how do you take and organize your notes using a laptop?

    Is it easier to take notes on a laptop or a tablet or iPad or good 'ol pen and paper? I dont have a tablet so any advise on which kind to buy would be helpful as well!

    Is there an app you download to take notes or do u just type away in a word document (which I dont think I am going to like too much)?

    I like recording my lectures while I am taking notes. Is there a way to not record the clicking sounds of the keyboard while you type?

    I love my paper, pen, and notebook but sometimes during lectures it get to be too much to write and since I like to type I want to give this new method a try. Plus I want to be able to share and print my notes as well.

    Ideally I would like to be able to record my lecture, and type my notes while having the flexibility to draw out diagrams and insert tables within my notes.

    Any advise regarding which apps I should use or how I should record my lectures or take and organize my notes would be helpful!!
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    Get dragon naturally speaking. It converts verbal words to written words.
    My teachers use power points. I go on PDF escape and clear out the lines on the side, and use that space to type. A lot of people in my class used laptops and such
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    All my classes provided powerpoints so I would only write/type out information that was covered but NOT on the powerpoints. Then, when I got home, I typed out all the information in an organized fashion, adding in charts/pictures/etc.
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    Same as Smoup. I brought the Powerpoints to class, then added notes to them, then compiled a study guide from my notes. I never brought my laptop to class, though.
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    Im going to start RN program this January also. To start with, Im not into these all hi-tech gadgets and technologies. My husband gave me an Ipad last year and a surface RT as his early christmas gift to me for this year. He told me about one note where u can organize notes from work, school, personal etc. im still playing with it and let me tell looking forward to using thjs one note. I think your laptop should have ot since its microsoft. Try it! Goodluck to you!
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    My Microsoft Surface keyboard can be completely silenced. It's regular sized but flat, so that takes some getting used to - but I'm pretty speedy on it now. Battery life is remarkable & it comes with Office runs all Windows apps without problems. Love it so much I bought extra (click on) keyboard/covers in several colors!
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    I record lectures on my iPad and annotate powerpoints with Notability. If my professor doesn't use PPs, I usually use OneNote on my laptop and record while I type notes in outline form. I like the syncing capability.
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    All of my instructors used PPt, so I'd print 3 slides to a page and take notes on there by hand, just better for me. I tried the laptop thing and it didn't work at all for me, but there's MANY students who do! I'd also record lectures if I was allowed so I can note anything I missed.
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    Evernote! It's free and you can download it on all your devices so you can carry your notes with you everywhere (which I often use to study). It's really great for typing your notes, and you can record audio and video too. If you get the app on your phone you can take pictures of handwritten notes or handouts and it'll upload them so you can keep everything together.
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    OneNote! It records the lecture and sync's wherever the lecture is to what you're typing, so later on you can click on any typed note and it will play the lecture starting at the point you typed that thing. You can add in diagrams, web pages, etc. It's awesome!!
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