How do you stay motivated? Please share...

  1. How do you stay motivated after you get your 3rd rejection letter? How do you stay motivated after failing your first test? How do you stay motivated after Congress passed the Student Loan bill? How do you do it? What do you do to stay motivated? Please share...

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  3. by   TrevyRN
    -Some people are motivated by positive things ... "If I get this job, I'll be able to buy my dream house!"
    -Some people are motivated by negative things ... *Driving through the Wendy's Drive through and looking at the 65 year old lady handing me the bag, thinks to self *THAT WILL NOT BE MY FUTURE*
    - Some people are self-motivated ..."I am to fill out 100 resumes a week until I get this job because ... I WANT IT!"
    - Some people are motivated by others ... "I'm sorry you got another rejection letter. Let's get a milkshake, go on a walk, then go visit a different school and find out there application process. You're an awesome person and you'll make an awesome nurse. Keep at it!"
    -Some people are motivated by other's needs... "I know this English class sucks, but if I get it done then I can apply to RN school so I can get a degree so I can pay for my baby's college so they don't have to work three jobs like me to get an education!"

    Do a little self-searching and find out what actually motivates you. Surround yourself with positive people that want you to succeed. Write down measurable, realistic to do lists that bring you closer to meeting your goals. Give yourself little rewards. Vent to friends if you need to. Don't beat yourself up! Accept that there are crappy, condescending people out there you'll have to learn to ignore if they tell you you're not good enough or you won't cut it or some other such drivel. It's not you, it's them LOL. Unless it's actually you... please don't be a crappy condescending person!

    Also, support and build up other people in the same place as you. Commiserating is fun... just don't let it turn into co-despairing.

    If you quit, you will fail. Don't quit. DON'T SETTLE. Some days you might feel like quitting. Those days you just need to drag your a** through and go through the motions as if you cared and believed in the end goal. I knew I wanted to pursue my BSN since I was 19 and it took until I was 24 to get into a program. When I got out of school, I couldn't get hired as an RN, despite being valedictorian, "knowing" people, resume tweaking, visiting HRs, and all the other blah blah. I had to move 1500 miles away from home, but I got my dream job. Paid of my loan, suddenly have money in the bank, live in a house when i use to live in a bathroom-less, hole in the wall apartment.

    After I get a little more experience, I'll be able to find work anywhere and travel around the globe - what I wanted to do with my life. And I can buy my sweetcakes abercrombie clothes and donate time and money to charities I care about. Believe in the victory! Set measurable goals - short, medium, and long term. YOU CAN DO IT! KEEP AT IT!

    If you believe in God, pray ...or something.

    If you don't ... take comfort in that in 100 years, you'll be dead and none of this matters so you may as well get what you want out of life and be a nurse and contribute to a better society... WOOT!


    That was a weird post. I won't ask you to forgive me for it LOL
    Lots and lots of prayer, motivation from my mom, and wanting a better life for my 3 year old son, and more prayer. I know no matter what God has a purpose for my life!!!!!
  5. by   J.Mo
    What motivates me? My children.

    The crappy job I have now as a school bus driver motivates me.

    Having to rob Peter to pay Paul motivates me.

    I know no matter what I am in control of my future.

    2 of my friends are APRN's and they always give me great advice.
  6. by   aahiwalei
    what motivates me is the reason i wanted to be a nurse in the first place, one day i will make a difference in someones life.
  7. by   carefulcare
    My family/ setting an example for my daughters/ stable future/ using my hands to be a helper of someones life daily
  8. by   nashkl
    What motivates me is knowing that the help I can add to my family unit, my community, this society, this world, Is what's real enough for me to know that my existence had it's purpose and was not in vain!
  9. by   stronginchrist
    What motivates me is the trials and miracles that I had gone through just to be a nursing student. As well as my "motivational journal" it truly helps
  10. by   AllInRN
    My family.
  11. by   RNIBCLC
    Working with low income women....I feel like I am making a difference. I used work in a boutique women's center, while I enjoyed my work I find this job to be more rewarding.