How to deal with bad odors

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    I'm about to start clinicals in May. I've always had a very strong stomach and have no problem dealing with blood etc but as I have gotten older, I am starting to have a problem with certain odors. For example, I am helping a person I know with a deep wound. Visiting nurse comes I. The morning and in the evening I am removing packing, cleaning and repacking. Over the weekend, the odor has become very offensive and I have to prepare myself for when I remove the packing. I have spoken to the VN today about the increasing smell and she is working on a resolution to that. But my main question is are there any tricks to the trade as far as smells?? I did try Vicks in my nose last night which helped slightly...

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    We have a product called Snowco (or something like that). You put some gauze in a cup and douse it. Put it in front of a fan.

    You can get a strong breath mint or chewing gum and wear a surgical mask.
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    Coffee beans

    But in all seriousness. ..I got used to it..aint many smells bother me
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    I use Vicks as well...and not just a little - I stuff a wad up each nostril
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    Try some perfume on the inside of a mask. Also a strong mint or cough drop may be helpful. Also there are special odor control dressings that the wound care nurse could consider using.
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    If you're able to use PPE at the time (I'd assume so with a wound) put a tea bag in your mask. This also works really well for foul bm smells. We can use PPE at our own discretion so if I know I'm going into a room that is not pleasant smelling, I'll gown and mask and stick a tea bag in my mask.
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    We keep a container of Vicks at th nursing station and I layer it on big time. Helps me quite a bit.
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    Thank you all for your ideas!!
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    A drop of peppermint oil in each nostril has helped me. I put it on a qtip and swipe.
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    Another vote for the peppermint oil here!

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