Help! Got my tetanus shot and cant move my arm :( Help! Got my tetanus shot and cant move my arm :( | allnurses

Help! Got my tetanus shot and cant move my arm :(

  1. 0 I got my tetanus shot yesterday and in the middle of the night woke up in BAD pain. I can't even lift my arm hurts SO bad. All the other vaccines I got were totally fine but this one is KILLING ME. Im a little nervous that it wont go away by Sunday cause I run a half marathon that morning. IS this normal and will it go away shortly?

    My friend that is a nurse said its common to have pain from a tetanus but the fact that mine is so bad is odd. I guess its really common that the nurse administering it could have hit a nerve by accident and that could be a result of the pain... Any insights?

    If anyone knows anything about this.... please give me advice. I just want it to go away by Sunday!
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    Motrin 800mg every 8 hours and warm moist heat. It's not unusual to have that much pain from a tetnus shot. I had the same experience.
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    Same here it was horrible! I got mine on a Wednesday. By Thursday morning I could not move my arm. I called the Dr. Friday and she said it's normal, blah blah blah. By Monday I still could barely move it, called again and got the same response. I thought for sure my arm was going to fall off or I was having a horrible reaction because it had swollen to the size of... Trying to think of the right size, maybe a kiwi or something, whatever, much bigger than I expected. A week later, the swelling had gone done but it was still very painful. At two weeks it hurt if I touched it, but not when I moved. At my next appt. I asked my Dr. and she told me that was all perfectly normal. It really freaked me out but here I am three years later and my arm is a-okay! TwilightRNurse has the right idea, I don't what else to tell you. Hope it gets better and best of luck at the marathon!
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    Same here!! It was worse than I thought, I woke up and could hardly move my arm. At my check up, doc said absolutely normal.
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    My arm was in pain for freaking 5 dayss...
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    Thanks everyone for the responses....Im glad its considered normal but EHHH. THis is sooo annoying. I cant even brush my hair or change my shirt without HORRIBLE pain! SO you all think it'll be okay by Sunday or no? Im a little worried since it took some of you so long to recover!
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    Not sure if you will be ready by sunday. Maybe if you take a pain medicine that morning it might make it tolerable. On the other hand you may be fine by then too. It varies for everyone but on average, I was told 4 days. I however, not only had the pain but also a fever. I was about to call my Dr. but I looked it up online and fever (less than 102) is also another normal side effect.

    Hope your arm is better by Sunday and good luck!
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    Thanks so much!!!!!
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    OMG, I feel your pain!

    I had the Tdap, and I was in pain for 5 days. It hurt to lift my arm, it hurt to touch it, and it hurt to lay on it.(was my favorite side to sleep on)

    I have heard it is the most painful vaccine.
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    guys, can i please remind you all of terms of service and not to give medical advice

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