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  1. Tombstones- what will yours say?

    Cremation takes care of the need for a tombstone. Don't want anyone crying over me where I'm not located.
  2. Devastated - What would you do?

    She is already an RN, what would be the purpose of going to nursing school?
  3. If I am in a hospital or doctors office that don't know me as a nurse then I don't say anything about being a nurse. It irritates me when patients or patients families say "I'm a nurse". Now sure why, but it does.
  4. Is this okay/legal?

    Ask the house doctor if this is okay and if you feel like it report the problems with her to the house doctor. In assisted living situations anyone can hand the patient their medications to take. They cannot however go in the med room, get them out, ...
  5. Depression after a miscarriage.

    The nurse should listen, offer no personal advice.
  6. RN to BSN to MSN Chamberlin

    I don't want to come across as being disrespectful but if you're not familiar with this subject you should not be attempting to answer it. There are many respected NP programs online such as Vanderbilt University that have no prereq's other than a C ...
  7. RN to BSN to MSN Chamberlin

    I am in Chamberlain's online RN-BSN program and I think it's great. I have been accepted to graduate school to get my Adult Nurse Practitioner license. There is no GRE or BSN clinicals required just a GPA of 3.2 or higher.
  8. I've been verbally abused several times by patients, family members, a co-worker and a doctor. I've had a telephone thrown at me, but missed. I've never been pushed or spit upon. That would definitely cause me quite a bit of concern, to the point I m...
  9. Have you used ethics hotline?

    I did call the ethics line over someone not doing their job and had very good results. They took it seriously. The person I reported was my manager. It is totally anonymous. I called from a pay phone. They asked for an e-mail address to contact me to...
  10. has anyone ever ordered from

    Hmmm......1 it possible Best-Nurse that you work for uniform discount? Just a thought
  11. cheap scrubs in san antonio or online

    I buy iron-on patches and iron them on the inside of my pants right where my thighs rub together and I get about 5 times the wear out of them. I like the pants from Wal-Mart the best.
  12. UMDNJ Accelerated BSN Program

    You can get into Chamberlain College of Nursing as long as you have a 3.0, no pre-req's, a little pricey but only 3 semesters. Going for 2 years will cost you the same amount in the long run.
  13. RN's home address is accessible fm Internet

    Make sure your last name is not on your name badge, or cover it with tape or a cute smiley sticker. If they don't know your last name, they can't look you up.
  14. maybe I wasn't being nice.....

    Critical thinking is more important to a nurse than being critical of your co-workers and certainly making fun of them was totally inappropriate.
  15. Vulvar Intraepithelial Neoplasia

    You are awesome!