Hello everyone...Nursing student needs help.

  1. Hi everyone....I am a LPN nursing student who is in need of some help....ENDOCRINE SYTEM...I am sooo lost....anyone have any good websites or information that will help me out....Thanks...
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    hi, missykygirl!

    there are two previous posts i made with links to sites having endocrine information for other students needing the same information. you may find duplication in some of the links, but there is a lot of information to be found among all these various links. the trick is in reading information several times at different readings. sometimes reading the same information written by two different writers will also help with understanding it. good luck. happy hormones!


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    hello and welcome to allnurses. endocrine was actually my strongest area in anatomy. you have to break down the different hormones and their functions.

    • parathyroids
    • adrenal medulla
    • pancreas (islets of langerhans)
    • pineal
    good luck to you