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I gained a few unwanted lbs last year in nursing school too, so I developed a small plan to do something about it. I just wanted to share what I've got so far and ask for any and all tips for good nutrition. I work full-time and... Read More

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    Quote from aegirl
    Here's a quick and easy snack that my mom got from weight watchers. You'll need graham crackers and fat free cool whip. Take one sheet of graham crackers and break it in half. Put fat free cool whip on one side of the cracker and put the other cracker on you're making a sandwich. Wrap them up and put them in the freezer. They are 1 point each and they are really good if you want something sweet. They taste like an ice cream sandwich but alot healthier.
    I made these tonight and they are sooooo good!
    Even my junk-food loving husband loved them.
    Thanks for the recipe for a fun and healthy treat!


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