Flu shots as a student anyone?

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    It has been maybe six yrs since my family of four got a flu shot. Sick maybe three times with the flu combined. Two boys are 12, 13 now.

    Well we are now a family of five this year with a 10 month old girl. So the fact that myself, hubby and two boys will be in a school setting I want us including baby to get a flu vac. bc I worry of her immune system. She is too young to fight it if she got it.

    Funny thing is me (medical field chick) don't like the concept of the vaccine. I don't believe it is effective. Just putting junk in the body. I don't even like Tylenol!

    Soooooo, my question...is anyone getting it this winter? I will do it just don't want to.

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    She is not "too young to fight it." She'll be a year old anyway when flu season rolls around, and with two big brothers I am sure she's been exposed to plenty of viruses already and has an appropriately robust immune system for her age. My babies never got flu vaccines either. (Insert obligatory recommendation to have this discussion with your pediatrician or other primary care provider HERE, since we don't give medical advice).

    Now, stand back and let the inevitable vaccine firestorm begin.... I'll start with the heretical posting of the excellent epidemiological research that indicates that vaccines do not, in fact, decrease excess mortality in what are traditionally called vulnerable populations. But they make a boatload of money for their manufacturers anyway.

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    are you in a nursing program? Don't they require you to get the flu shot in order to do clinicals?
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    My nursing program requires me to get a flu shot.
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    My whole family will be getting one this year, we do every year. My daughter has been getting one since she was one. *ducks behind chair*
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    My nursing program requires it so I had my first one last fall. I remember having the flu maybe twice in my life and I'd get a cold once in a great while over the winter or sometimes not at all in a year. I had cold and flu symptoms FOUR times between October (when I got it) and March. And I even got a pretty bad cold in July. If I have the same experience junior and senior year I'll never get another one after graduation.
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    We all get flu shots every year and it is a requirement in nursing school (at least if you want to go to clinicals). It is also a requirement if you want to work at most hospitals. The evidence I have read is all in favor of getting flu shots, so I will go with that.
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    I worked in a medical clinic (internal and family medicine) for almost 15 years, and only got the flu shot a couple times, and never got the flu either way. I finally got one that year when H1N1 hit hard (2009) and I had a newborn baby to think about. The next year it became mandatory in my clinic, and it will be mandatory in nursing school I think, so I guess I'll get it.
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    Flu shots are required for my program since many of the local hospitals require it in order to provide care so my school instituted a blanket policy that lumps flu shots in with hep b, tdap and all the other vaccines that are required upon admission. I got my first flu shot about a year ago when I began nursing school. Prior to that I never got them because I was rarely ill and if I did catch a slight sniffle it would usually subside in a few days and not interfere with my life. Since I got the flu shot in November '12 I have been sick at least half a dozen times. I even got sick in early summer which was odd. I'm not saying that there was a correlation between the flu shot and my illnesses but it sure makes me wonder if my immunity has been affected in some way by it.

    With all of that being said, I will suck it up and deal with it since it's either get a flu shot or not be in the program and possibly not get a job in the future. I do agree with OP about not wanting to put junk in my body. I'm a terrible patient and I have to be darn near dying to go to the doctor for anything other than a yearly physical.
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    Check your state

    In trying to protect some of the most vulnerable individuals from the flu, the New York State Department of Health is now requiring all unvaccinated healthcare personnel to wear a facemask while treating their patients. This new flu shot requirement was put into effect on July 31st 2013

    Do flu shot or mask

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