First Semester Nursing Program Jitters

  1. 2 long years of prerequisites and preparation. Two years of feeling like it was a lifetime away. It is finally reality. In 5 days I start. Associates program to become a RN. I am so nervous, I am worried. I already feel guilty about how I will ignore my kids. I feel bad about passing all the household and family work on to my husband. I feel such pressure to succeed. My family has sacrificed so much time and money already in order for me to follow my dream. Everyone expects me to do so well. "You're so smart" they say. But what if I'm not as smart as they say? What if I can't handle the stress? Oh the self doubt and fear!
    No! i know I can and WILL do this. I shouldn't allow myself to think of anything but SUCCESS! I will be an inspiration and role model to my children. When they come to me and say "I can't", I will tell them with complete certainty and experience "You can and you will!" Lord help me, I will succeed!
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  3. by   armywife80
    Congrats! I am in the same boat as you, and I will just be focusing all that perceived pressure I have placed on myself on working hard and succeeding!

    Stay Positive and GOOD LUCK!
  4. by   jpowell6024
    You can do it, and you will! As far as feeling guilty about ignoring your kids, I felt the same way. But you know what? On my graduation day, when she threw her arms around my neck and said, "Momma, I'm so proud of you", that let me know that not only did she not feel ignored, but she was also glad I became a nurse. And although you feel like you are dumping responsibility on your husband, you may even feel like you are pushing him away. But before you know it, you are going to feel closer than ever to him, and see he has your back and is your rock. My chant I would say to myself that helped me is, "if it was easy, everyone would be a nurse, if it was impossible, noone could be a nurse." It's not easy, but defiantly not impossible. Best of luck to you. But I'm sure you don't need luck
  5. by   Cb1985
    Been there , enjoy the experience it will be a bumpy road but well worth it . God will give you the strength if you just seek him !! Good luck
  6. by   PurplePRN
    We are all feeling like this. Best wishes!
  7. by   Enthused RN
    Everyone goes through it. You won't be alone; just talk to your classmates when you start and you will see how everyone makes sacrifices. It will help you a little bit, I promise. Congrats and good luck!
  8. by   mind_body_soul RN
    You will do fine if you take it a day at a time. Two years, one semester, even one week of nursing school seems like an unclimbable mountain. One day, however, is doable. Seems like just yesterday I got my acceptance letter and I am already halfway done. Good luck!
  9. by   Patti_RN
    Admission to nursing school is very, very competitive. They turn down applicants who can be successful because they don't have space to accommodate everyone who would make it to graduation. This means that you're among the most capable and among the most likely to succeed. This doesn't mean it will be easy, it simply means you do have the abilities to survive.

    Realize there is a 'point of diminishing return' on studying: which means there's a point at which you're putting in many hours just to get a point or two higher grades. Be happy with an A- or B+ (or whatever your personal goal is) and don't deny yourself time with your kids or an occasional movie just to go from a 92 to a 94%.

    When you study, devote that time to actually studying. Don't get distracted by checking emails, playing one more computer game. or checking Facebook. Instead, decide how long you'll devote to studying then walk away after that amount of time has passed. Then you can spend 15 minutes on social media.

    Think about your journey in semesters or blocks of classes. Get through each day and focus on the end of the semester or class. It's easier to set your sights on finals in May than graduation in two years.

    Make sure you reward yourself along the way. Take your kids to the park, soak in a bubble bath, meet friends for lunch... whatever gives you a little break and clears your mind. It's easy to burn out on school (or nursing when you're working).

    Best of luck to you!
  10. by   traumanurse2b?
    Susieq, I'm feeling the same way but my prereqs took 5 years due to moving, hubby deploying, having to take a semester or 2 off BC I couldn't afford to keep going, and personal issues. So I'm really stressing because I feel like I will be the ultimate failure if I don't make it through now. I think we can do it though. It will take a lot of hard work and a little elbow grease, but we will survive

    Patti_RN thank you for that great reply to this post. Its really very encouraging!
  11. by   yellowjeepgirl
    I start my ADN program on Tuesday and am having the same thoughts and feelings.

    Patti thanks for the great advice. Good luck to all.
  12. by   samiamrn4
    I was a navy wife, mother of 4 when I finally after years of pre Reqs started RN school it weighed on my marriage but it was not a deal breaker, it made us stronger. II missed out on a lot of family trips but it was all for my family. My husband cooked and cleaned..the stress made me hormonal and crazy, I had post its with test info all over my cupboards and fridge , in my car. The books went to the beach
    , the park, dinner. It's rough but so worth it. If you want it bad and hubby wants it for you it will happen. I had a great study group, and made at least an hour a day to play with the babies with no distractions. Always finish papers and hw early study everyday if your kids are big enough have them help you study. I ended with my degree and valedictorian. Once you see the corse work and get through the first week you will be at ease. Because its for your family it will be your motivation through all of it. Your children will see what their mom did and will learn from it. It goes by quickly and you will not just have a job but a wonderful career. There is nothing like seeing the BRN # next to your name can do this and the house will get clean eventually and the kids will cheer you on. Good luck and welcome to an amazing experience!
  13. by   missivywilliams
    Congratulations I am still in pre-nursing and I won't be applying for the program until the fall of this year, however, I am excited and nervous as well. I am an optimist in every sense of the word though, and I know that you will be okay just like I will. Congrats again and break a leg (or maybe not a
  14. by   RunnerRN2015
    I started my RN program Monday. I can't believe how stressed my classmates are already! I'm going into it with this attitude/mantra:

    I have complete faith in myself that I CAN DO THIS. I will do whatever needs to be done to be successful. I have complete faith in my instructors. They will teach me what I need to know to be successful. They WANT me to be successful. (The instructors at my school are beyond awesome!).

    I have the strangest sense of calm...I hope it lasts.