Finals... love 'em or hate 'em?

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    It is the dreaded finals week.

    I am dreading the big nursing school final, stressing out over all of the studying (which I am avoiding right now), and obsessively calculating and recalculating what I need to make to pass.

    I am also very happy that the semester is nearly over and I am going to have almost a MONTH to recover for the next semester.

    So, love and hate.

    How about y'all?

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    Same here! Except we have our last unit exam on WED. and then our Final on FRI. So I only have a day to study for the final YIKES! But Im super psyched that first semester is almost over and I get a much needed 5 week break *winewoo hoo its Party Time
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    Took my block 1 final today and I am so happy it is over. I know I passed and I have time to recover before block 2 starts!
    I think this was the most stressful test of them all!
    Good luck!
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    Love it. Last final EVARRRRRRR
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    Depends on the final. If every class and instructor was as awesome as my pharm course, then sure. That's in a perfect world.

    I health assessment final exam is tomorrow, luckily it's not that's a big plus. The one I'm sweating the most is patho on Wednesday. I feel like I need a prescription for benzos with all the anxiety I've been feeling. I literally can't seem to triage anymore information from one lecture to another.

    Good luck to everyone during finals week!
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    I'm done with finals! Woo Hoo!!! But with that said, we had our last exam last tuesday and the final on that friday, so I was DREADING taking it with only 2 days of studying for it! But I did rock the final and got a 93 (1st semester fundmentals) so I have to say, based on that experience, I love finals!

    Good luck to you!
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    Wish me luck! The big bad final is tomorrow.
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    I hate finals too many notes to review.

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