feeling like giving up.... all the time! :(

  1. Hello,
    As many of you have talked about on this forum, I am also lost and confused...
    Everytime I think of clinicals and my instructors, I feel like throwing up.
    Maybe it's because I've never dreamt about being a nurse.. or maybe it's because English is my second language so I feel like I am always the 'quite girl.'

    Being a nurse was never my dream and I still don't think it is... even when I have only one semester left. I don't know how I've made it this far and I don't really really know how I am going to go through another one without thinking about giving up everytime I wake up in the morning.
    I chose nursing only because I did not find any majors that attracted me and my friend was going for nursing so I just followed her. I know it's pathetic and stupid.
    I don't want to give up... because I've tried too hard to be where I am now but I don't want to be a nurse. I do make good grades. I did not fail any classes and my GPA is 3.8.

    I know I can go through 7 more weeks and graduate.. but it sucks to be at a hospital for hours and hours knowing that this is not where my future lies..

    Are there any people who just HATED nursing as a student but loves their job now?
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  3. by   Lev <3
    Nursing is not reserved for the hospital setting.
  4. by   doublehelix
    This is true! Try doing job shadows, or look into other options for nursing... Home care, clinics, etc. I'm sure you will find something. All of us have felt discouraged at some point or another. Nursin school is not for the faint!
  5. by   Kooky Korky
    perhaps you will find a specialty you really like, such as school nurse, doctor's office nurse, clinic nurse, OR, summer camp nurse, jail nurse, cruise ship nurse, or go into teaching nursing or maybe health care administration.

    You do not have to work in a hospital. You do not have to do basic nursing. you can be a nurse anesthetist or a nurse practitioner or get out of nursing altogether.

    One friend of mine from Nursing school dropped out and went to Medical school. Another graduated Nursing school but left Nursing to become a Dentist. Others worked only a few years, married well, and their Nursing is a distant memory. One married well and has been selling real estate for many lucrative years now. She wouldn't survive 5 minutes on Med-Surg today.

    I hope you find something you like. I guess you should finish school since you only have a semester to go. Good luck.
  6. by   Katniss0813
    Nursing was never my dream as a child either. I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with my life, in high school I considered joining the military because it interested me but I finally realized I couldn't handle being away from home. Then I considered being a police officer and but I didn't pursue it. I couldn't make my mind up. I decided to go to college and wanted to major in radiography to become an x-ray tech and when I didn't get in I decided to switch to nursing. I have always had an interest in medical stuff, A&P, and diseases but I always avoiding the medical field because I feared the huge responsibility. Now that I'm in nursing school and about to start my last semester I kind of feel like nursing was what I was supposed to do all a long but I kept running from it, I still have uncertainty though. In a class full of students that all say that nursing was their dream, I still can't help feeling like I don't belong. I do ok in the classroom setting, but in clinicals I have a hard time with confidence but I've seen I have grown in confidence each semester. Personally I don't care too much for the hospital setting, but I'll take whatever job I can get. I understand where your coming from because in my first semester I really felt like I was out of place and wasn't sure if nursing was where I belonged. I don't think you should settle for something that doesn't interest you and I hope you find something you like. Best of luck to you.
  7. by   TitleTownRN
    I feel the same way during clinical and it worries me since I thought hospital nursing was what I wanted to do. I have had a few instructors that have said they hated nursing school and at time even had second thoughts about if it was the right option for them, but after nursing school they felt different. Just remember there are many different options out of the acute care setting; just find the right one for you! Good luck