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    IV insertion and travel nursing!

    Hello everyone! After 8 years of being a nurse, I have finally decided to be a travel nurse and currently in a process of talking to a recruiter to find a good first travel assignment. I feel like I am a good nurse, work hard, adapt quickly and get along with everyone. My biggest fear is... IV insertion! my school never taught us how to insert IVs (BSN program) and all 5 hospitals I have ever worked had IV teams and they almost discouraged nurses to put our own IVs. in short, I have never inserted an IV before! I want to practice at my current hospital but they always want us to call the IV team so I don't even get a chance. I talked to my educator about shadowing an IV nurse for a day but due to COVID, they don't allow that either. I don't want to start working as a travel nurse, not knowing how to put IVs in and look "incompetent" as a travel nurse. I know it's really silly to worry about it but I don't want to turn down a good offer just because the hospital doesn't have an IV team. and how do I even know they have an IV team before I talk to the hiring manager? Maybe I am just being crazy.. anyone with a similar experience or a good advice? please help 😞
  2. SunshineFLgirl

    HELP! I don't want to be a nurse! :0

    Hello, nurses! I recently graduated with BSN and passed NCLEX in June. After getting my license, I travelled many different countries for 4 months and now I am back home in the US. I know it was not the best time for me to do that as a new grad nurse, but it was the only time that I COULD do it. To tell you guys briefly about myself.. I was a chem major when I was a freshman.. then switched to biology in my sophomore year. Then I got into the nursing program because I thought I couldn't really do anything with just a biology degree so I might as well be a nurse and make some money. also a lot of my friends who were also bio majors applied for the program so I did too because I wanted to stay with them (stupid I know) so can you say that I am not really interested in being a nurse? I actually graduated with a 3.8 GPA and got great reviews from instructors and my preceptor and I know I did well. but it is just not my calling. I want to be a writer! I want to be an interpreter! I want to be a teacher! not a nurse!! I just turned 23 this month and I know I am young. I have a great family who support me unconditionally and I have enough money to support myself for months even if I don't work as a nurse. fellow nurses! what do you think? did I make a stupid decision of being a nurse when I knew it was not my calling? should I find a job where I WANT to work at, or where I SHOULD work at? I don't want to think that I wasted 4 years of my life but I know I did... I always wanted to quit the nursing program so bad but I never had the courage to do so. I don't know anymore..