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Failed three tests

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    I failed three of my first tests (all in the same week) and I have my other first test Wednesday which I'm studying for. I feel so helpless with my grades. I had at least been in the 70's until now. I keep asking people how they study for it. It doesn't seem to be very helpful. I'm a visual learner. Med surg I had my highest grade in. I began to make outlines for my chapters. I just feel like nothing is sinking in. Anything to help me get through with passing grades?? I have the mental health nursing review and rational that I just got for Mental Health. I just feel so discouraged . I knew this semester was going to be so hard, but I didn't know it was going to be this hard! I just started my first semester of clinicals.
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    Hello. I am also taking med-surg now and havent had my first test yet but I am scared because is so much information. If you are a visual learner, write outlines, draw the information in maps, and watch youtube videos, they have a bunch of videos in all the things that you are seeing in class. Study, study, study!!!!! Do not be discouraged, keep pushing and trying different things until you find what works for you. Good luck with everything.
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    You can do it!! Try flash cards, or do those big science posters and play with those! See what u can draw or write whatever u need to know, see if that helps! Get help from ur peers too
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    I'm sorry, that's rough! It seems like maybe you just need to figure out how to study more effectively. Or is it that adding clinicals on top of everything else is throwing you off? If asking classmates hasn't helped is there a nursing counselor you could talk to? Does your school offer free tutoring? You could also talk to your instructors during their office hours (if you haven't already), they'll probably be happy to help you pinpoint your weak areas and offer some suggestions on how to improve.
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    My peers say they already have study groups when I ask them if they want to study together. I'm like thanks
    And yes had clinicals and a care plan done this week plus reading.
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    Wow your classmates are rude!! Study groups should be a team effort, not cliques. Find some better people to work with, or go to your instructors. They will def help you with ways to help you study
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    What helped me was buying a nclex review book & reading the chapters in there that pertained to the particular system we were covering. Then I took the practice tests. I may be the odd one out, but practice questions help me.
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    I am in block 3 and have found that recording the lectures and then listening to them at home while taking notes helps a lot. I used to do flash cards but not so much anymore. Also do a few NCLEX type questions on the computer every night. I have found that reading the book does not help me as there is too much info. So I just study the power points and take good notes. I am also in a study group with a few other classmates which helps to bounce off of each other. Good luck! You can do it! Nursing school is hard but very doable! I work full time and am taking a statistics class. Its all about prioritizing and finding out what works best for you!
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    Our school decided to change its format this year. We don't have traditional classes, like Med/surg, Peds, or fundamentals. So I find myself having to study out of 5 different books for every class, because we are learning concepts based on “learning across the life-span” so we are learning how sleep or pain affects both seniors and neonates at the same time it is an interesting concept, but makes studying a pain in the neck!
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    You should be seeking out whatever services your school offers for tutoring, remedial work, etc. Talk to your instructors, academic counselors, Student Affairs Office, student learning center, ... whatever. Do not rely on just the other students or strangers on a website to be sufficient to fix this problem. While some may offer helpful suggestions, you can't afford to waste time trying a million strategies to see which ones might work for you. You need some individual attention by a professional experienced in helping struggling students. Find out what your school offers and take full advantage of it.

    Good luck.
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    What particular class are you not doing so good in? Do you do practice questions daily?
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    Practice the rationals and think about it. It has to be something in the way you are reading and considering the questions, that's where the rationals show you where you are going wrong.
    Good Luck.
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    Quote from Nurse2bKimberly
    What helped me was buying a nclex review book & reading the chapters in there that pertained to the particular system we were covering. Then I took the practice tests. I may be the odd one out, but practice questions help me.

    Go this route. I have done my research over the summer. Read the nclex book review for the assigned chapter. I recommend saunders comprehensive nclex rn. It comes with a cd which you can download to your computer. After reading the assigned chapter, do all questions for that chapter from the cd and type all the rationales down. What I have gathered from the Saunders book is that the questions are heavy on assessments (well, the nursing process starts with assessment; get it wrong and the entire process is wrong!). The nclex review books are designed so that you get more out of your reading/studying in less time versus the maint textbooks where you get less out of your reading/studying in more time.