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Failed dosage calc (probably something silly like rounding wrong), and family falling apart around me. Friends keep trying to placate me about dosage calc. "Oh, it's ok". Sure it's ok. I just have to take a class between... Read More

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    I use dimensional analysis. I will find out my exact error when I take the class. I'm not too concerned yet. I have three kids one who may be in the spectrum, he goes for testing in January, and one that is tantruming horrifically so. He is close to getting kicked out of daycare. he bites, kicks scrams and scratches and the tantrum can last for hours. ive worked in behavioral health and this is in the level of some of my worst clients. My husband is doing the single dad thing plus working sixty hours a week, and no, we have no family here to help us. Between work and school, I'm never home. Husband is at his wits end with the children, and it seems like there is no solution at the moment.

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