Everyone:How do you keep yourself motivated when you just want to give up?

  1. Title says it all. I'm a junior in a BSN program and I've been really struggling. I'm taking med-surg, community health nursing and nursing research. I'm pretty sure I failed my first med-surg quiz even though I studied for DAYS for it... turns out I studied the wrong things

    I just need some advice. Lately, I just want to give up on nursing school for now, work as a CNA and then go back later on. I'm sick of studying and being in school and having no life... I want to begin my life already, you know? Nursing school gives me depression lol although I do know without a shadow of a doubt that nursing is right for me.
    I'm sick of having no money, but I know that I wouldn't have much being a CNA either, but at the same time, I don't work during the school year, despite trying to find a job (haven't been successful yet) and it really lowers my self esteem. So, I feel like I'd feel better about myself if I at least worked or something.

    Anyways, in Summary: I just need some advice on what really PUSHES you to keep going when you feel like giving up, throwing the towel in and withdrawing from your classes. Every nursing student has been there. I've been there a lot during nursing school, but never like this. It's like every day I have to force myself to study, force myself to prepare for clinicals, force myself to read, etc etc. I hate going to class because the classmates are totally made up of cliques and every day I ask myself why I'm putting myself through this this crazy stressful/hard program.

    I'm just really struggling to find the fire and motivation that I had before. So...what does it for you? Help?
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  3. by   ER(notso)n00b
    I'm struggling too right now. I spent about an hour yesterday googling things like "nursing school is killing me" (try it, it's kind of therapeutic). I didn't do well on a psych exam and then had a rough day in the ICU last week. I started questioning myself and everything I know. I feel super anxious about going back to the ICU this week so I am taking it easy and trying to relax. I'll do some meditation before my clinical days and just try to get into the right mindset. I guess the only thing keeping me going at the moment is looking back at everything I have been through and knowing that the end is in sight. Just take it one day at a time and try to remember why you've chosen this path and how you've gotten to this point. The money thing will work itself out and we will get our lives back at some point.
  4. by   rkap09
    I hear you too, im so tired. Im studying for med surg, and pharmacology and some days I just feel like giving up! I feel exhausted and i too question myself if this is really what i want to do. I guess the answer is I do. I want to become a nurse and make a different in other peoples life. I guess just remember what a nurse does and why you chosen to become a nurse. Also right now were just in the tunnel but there is always a way out of the tunnel and theres is a bright light shining towards the end. Just know that in the end, it will be worth it. Even for the money issue and the job, dude trust me, I know. I am dying in school loans and no having money and not being able to find a job either. But everything will work out in the end. We are all in it together right ? GOODLUCK
  5. by   minniebrown
    I was feeling the exact same way the first week of school this semester! I totally wanted to quit because like you I was sick of no social life or job and feeling like nursing school owned me. I even made a post complaining. I really don't have any answers other than I've already sacrificed a lot thus far and I really want to be a nurse. And believe it or not, I'm totally loving clinical right now. I would suggest you take some time for yourself and really take care of your health. Exercise, meditate, do something that is fun and not school work or nursing school drudgery. I'm planning a day trip, so that is something that I'm looking forward to. I also pray and make time for God and spending time with family and friends. Focus on the prize of a career where you can use your gifts and help people. I try to remind myself that there is life beyond nursing school.
  6. by   Loves2scrub
    I find myself lacking in motivation as well. I have two semesters left for my BSN. Some things I've done to try to raise my sagging spirits include printing of the transcripts from classes I've completed on this journey. Looking back over ten semesters completed gives me the confidence that two more wont kill me. I also talk to some of the wonderful nurses I work with. Hearing them say how hard nursing school was for them makes me feel like I can do it too. I've tried to eliminate negative self talk. I find myself mentally saying things like "I'll never be able to do this", or "I'm not smart enough". Whenever these thoughts occur now, I tell myself what a great nurse I'm going to be in the end. When it's 4:30 in the morning, and I'm driving to clinicals fighting tears of fatigue, I practice my speech I'm going to give at my pinning ceremony, thanking my family and friends for their support. I know this is cheesy, but at this stage of the game, if it gets me through it, I'm game! Best of luck to you. You CAN do this!
  7. by   BigOkie
    I'm currently a junior in a BSN program at my school. I've kept myself motivated by reminding myself that I'm an older student (44yrs old) and have left a lucrative field to pursue a more satisfying career path. I also look back on all of the pre-reqs that I've taken (striving for an A in each) then the anxiety of applying to (and accepted) a really competitive program. Then the first semester in a long-term care facility learning how to make beds, wipe butts, turn patients, give showers, etc. THEN approaching this semester with Pharmacology and Med-Surg AND another class to complete the degree.

    So, in all of that, I remind myself how far I've come and I can see the finish line in sight. It's just too late to back out now. I really believe that a full 50% of nursing school is just them pushing us to see how much we can take. And I saw a quote the other day that really says it all for me: "I didn't say it was going to be easy... I said it was going to be worth it." Don't know who the original author of that is but that says it all with regards to nursing school.
  8. by   MrsClarkRN
    I get motivated by looking at RN/Nurse Practitioner salaries and compare them with what I make how (as a CNA) : ) ...I also work in a hospital so I see RN's constantly and that gives me motivation.
  9. by   elprup
    Do not quit if you know you want to be a nurse. It is 100x harder when you are older, with kids, and a more complicated life. I bet you would get real bored as a CNA....plus their job is wicked physically tough for such low pay.
    You can do it. One day at a time.
  10. by   NightNerd
    Keep going! I just tell myself that even though I don't *feel* like it right now, there's no reason I *can't* study. (Except for being distracted by AN on occasion, hahahaha.) Take 10 minutes and google that niche in nursing that made you think, "This is the career for me." Remind yourself how much more enriched you will be after pursuing this career path. Remind yourself of who's counting on you to get through it - your parents, an SO, your kids? And make sure you have a reward to look for when you achieve those small victories - a night off after studying for an exam, maybe a nice meal out or a massage at the end of the semester, a vacation for when you graduate.

    As for studying...been there. I just find it easiest to look at each exam as an opportunity to further figure out what helps me study the best. I recently found this sheet that I modified somewhat to help me with med-surg exams: https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=...52288139,d.dmg. I got an 80% on my first one, although I didn't start using it until about halfway through the lectures we were to be tested on. If flashcards work better for you, do that. If study groups help you the most (hint: they probably will!), find some good classmates and meet with them for an hour after each class. Don't be hard on yourself, remember that just as much as you are studying nursing, you are also studying yourself and learning how YOU will learn and use this material best. Just put in your time, be a diligent student, and keep on truckin'.

    Good luck!
  11. by   Pink Magnolia
    Giving up is not an option! Be determined and try to stay positive. Take one day at a time! It'll all be over soon.
  12. by   nurseprnRN
    Me, I always look at what's in my bills basket. Eyes on the prize.
  13. by   FDW630
    Quote from GrnTea
    Me, I always look at what's in my bills basket. Eyes on the prize.
    Oh yes. The image of making double mortgage payments and having our house paid off in three years. That, and the picture of the beach condo we plan to buy when the house is paid off.